Android vs iOS user reaction

Smartphones are currently divided into 2 major categories, either Android or the iPhone having iOS. There are always debates going on which is better and what to buy? It doesn’t have any fixed answer as there is no common ground to compare Android vs iOS.

Android users have their own opinion, while Apple iOS users differ from that. Let us see what the users have to say on this Android vs iOS battle and then decide a winner.

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User Opinion on the OS

Android vs iOS user reaction

Most of the users think their Android or iPhone is better than the other counterpart. While they are all right in their own perspective, there is a larger factor at play to decide a winner. There is no way to pick a single OS and call it better but has some pros and cons. What do the actual users who have experience with Android devices or iOS phones or both have to say sums up the debate?

User has a mixed opinion on the Camera and storage option in Android and iOS phones. But then again it depends on the phones more, rather than the iOS. The developers can maybe give a better insight into Android vs iOS.

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While most of the user makes fun of iOS there are others who defends it and thinks Android is a mess. The upcoming Apple iPhone 11 looks amazing and may change the tide in favor of iOS in the battle with Android smartphones.

Conclusion to the Debate

Each user has its own opinion on Android vs iOS and most of them are based on the device they are using. But then again it depends on various factors, while iOS offers a clean and smooth interface, Android has more rich features. The use of iOS in Apple iPhones offers great Camera advantage, while Android devices have longer battery life.

The debate can go on as long as you want and each user will say his or her OS is better. We will never have a clear winner in Android vs iOS battle as long as new phones are manufactured each day. All we can do is hope that the rivalry between the two inspires both of them to make perfect devices, which ultimately benefits the users.

Android 10 vs iOS 13

As of right now while most of the users in the world are using Android 9 Pie, it will soon be updated. Android 10 Q is about to be released with whole new features and it will be an important factor in the OS battle.

Apple users are currently on iOS 12 which had some bugs in the beginning, but most of them are fixed now. Apple is ready with its latest iOS 13 and is about to release it soon. Android 10 vs iOS 13 may decide a winner in the OS war in the upcoming days.