• Tara Lynn, an influencer, is receiving criticism for a TikTok in which she muses about why “nobody wants to work anymore.”
  • Some folks have no option, viewers said, thus this is not usually due to laziness.
  • In response, Lynn, who has more than 4 million followers, called her detractors “crazy” and “embarrassing.”

Tara Lynn, an OnlyFans celebrity and TikTok influencer has come under fire for declaring that “nobody wants to work anymore” and criticizing those who spend the day “in bed.”

On September 1, Lynn shared the video to her @taraswrld TikTok account, where she has 4.8 million followers. She spoke directly to the camera while sitting in her car and blasted the material she had seen on the photo-sharing app BeReal, which allows users to publish unaltered, unedited images captured with both the front and rear cameras at the same time within a two-minute window that varies every day.

“This BeReal could go off at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., doesn’t matter — everyone’s in bed. There is an alarming amount of people every time that BeReal goes off that are just in bed with the shades drawn,” Lynn said. “Why are you in bed? It seems like nobody wants to work, get your fucking ass up and work!”

In the caption, Lynn claimed that she was “the most productive person ever.”

Numerous comments on the 4.3 million times watched video criticized the film’s producer for her remarks.

Several commenters claimed they had ongoing physical and mental health conditions that prevented them from working or from spending much of the day in bed.

In response, several of individuals submitted their own “stitch” films and criticized Lynn for her privilege.

“The reason you see people in bed a lot on BeReal is not necessarily because they don’t work. It’s because we work hard, difficult jobs, and we’re tired,” said TikTok user @eveline.


“Girl, let me tell you why we’re not getting out of bed and why we lay in our beds in the middle of the fucking day. It’s because we’re so goddamn depressed because we have all of these bills piling up that we can’t pay off, even though we’re working 40+ hours a week,” said Emily Ward, an artist living in Colorado.

Given that Lynn is a professional influencer, a career that many do not consider to be a “real job,” some people found Lynn’s remarks to be particularly offensive. However, influencers have previously spoken out about the challenges of starting from scratch when developing a brand, juggling forward planning and behind-the-scenes tasks, and the associated mental health struggles of managing a successful account.

On September 2, Lynn released a follow-up video in which she labeled her detractors “crazy” and described the first video as “a joke.”

“I was talking about my friends that I have on BeReal. I have like 10 people on there, and it’s all like influencers that literally lay in bed all day long. I was making a joke about them,” she said.

Lynn added that saying “get your fucking ass up and work” was in reference to a meme and that she did not intend to suggest that she had “the hardest job in the world.”

“Yeah, I run around all day doing mundane errands and easy shit,” she continued. “I’m not like, hard at work in the fields.”

There were 1.3 million views of the video.

Later on the same day, Lynn uploaded another video in which she claimed that viewers who leave negative comments on her videos “have no life. She added, “That’s fucking embarrassing. Shawty, go touch some grass, go have a conversation with a loved one. Get off your phone.”

Insider’s request for comment from Lynn was not immediately fulfilled.