Amber Heard's lawyer intends to appeal

The lawyer for Heard made it clear that she plans to appeal the decision after Johnny Depp was able to get a favorable verdict in his defamation lawsuit.

The jury in Virginia awarded Heard $2 million after considering her countersuit, but it’s easy to see that the jury agreed with Heard that she had been defamed by him.

It was not clear if Heard was in a position to pay the reduced amount. She didn’t say what her next plans would be after the verdict, but she expressed her disappointment in a statement.

We now have answers to both of those questions after her lawyer appeared on the Today show.


On June 2, Heard’s attorney said that Heard was going to appeal the verdict and that she had strong grounds to do so.

The jury will have enough doubt about Heard’s character to find for Depp.

The case was dismissed in Virginia because of the fact that Depp already had his shot.


Heard and her team is appealing the judgment as to their sole remaining option since that strategy didn’t work out.

The reason for this is due to the evidentiary issues she identified and the fact that Heard does not have the means to pay the award.

However, this makes it unclear as to how Heard will be able to attempt an appeal, as Kentucky attorney Spurgeon told CBS News that she would likely have to post a bond for the total award, plus interest to do so.


The unprecedented social media campaign that saw a groundswell of support for Depp had an influence on the case.

She said that she was against setting up cameras in the courtroom because she anticipated that filming the trial would turn a sensitive matter into a zoo.

There’s no way the jury could have avoided it due to the 10-day break in the trial and the likelihood that their families were active on social media.

In her words, “And it was horrible, it really really was lopsided. It was like the Roman Coliseum, how they viewed this case.”