Communication plays a significant role in our daily lives, as we use words to express our fear, anger, happiness, sadness, and disgust. The basis of human interaction is it. Without communication, our lives would be duller and we wouldn’t be able to read people’s feelings. There is an intriguing part to our communication. Our body language. The way we walk. Our peers could dig deeper into our emotions with every little movement.

Many are familiar with the trial. For those who have been living under a rock, the case remains to be the number one discussion topic, but for those who have been living under a rock, it’s a different story.

Every supporter is eager to know the truth, and a body language expert called Janine Driver, once again, took the matter into her own hands and analyzed Amber Heard’s recent testimony.


A body language specialist looks at Heard’s communication.

A New York Times best-selling author and an award-winning speaker is Janine Driver. The woman spent over 16 years working as a federal law enforcement officer and is now focused on sharing her skills with the world. Driver was invited by Court TV to give her opinion on the recent testimony of Amber Heard.


The person’s true emotions can be determined by gestured signals.

Understanding what hides behind a masked individual is not an easy job, whether you believe in the body language phenomenon or not. There are many myths about the people-reading process, for instance, every country has its own set of gestures and mannerisms, so what might seem like a misleading body signal could mean a completely normal thing to a person outside of your culture.

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The world is watching the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Fans of the couple are hoping that this lawsuit will clear the air and allow the ex-lovers to move on.



Janine Driver starts her examination by looking at Heard’s most memorable assertion; at the earliest reference point, the entertainer shared her considerations with respect to the claim and, surprisingly, referenced that this interaction is the most “agonizing and troublesome” thing she’s always gone through – Driver expresses that toward the finish of that sentence, Amber has sucked in her lip, kind of duplicating a comparative movement that we did when we sucked our thumbs, uncovering that it’s a consoling signal.


The body language expert says that Heard is deceptive because she uses a lot of start-stop sentences.


A lot of start-stop sentences were used in her testimony. The body language expert says that this type of structure is compatible with someone who is deceptive. The woman mentioned that Heard’s “percentages are off”, which basically means that she’s very quiet at the beginning, yet she barely says anything when it comes to the actual incident. Driver mentioned the case of Jussie Smollett, who staged a hate crime in Chicago. Both of them gave a lot of irrelevant information.

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At the beginning of a show, liars give a lot of false information to distract people from the actual events. Body language experts say that she is stacking the deck because when she started speaking about the attack, she got to about 15% when in reality it should have been at least 50%.



Heard dropped a pronoun when she spoke about her former husband, which suggests that the information is false.


The expert analyzed her statement. At one point, when the actress was talking about the attack, she said “he slapped me”, but she dropped the pronoun and said “slapped me” instead. The body language specialist says that when people change their pronouns it means that they are deceptive. Heard is guilty of changing her tenses, which is a mistake that those who make stories up on the spot do.


The expert believed that the statement Amber made about one of the unpleasant comments was true.


The next part of the analysis focused on the description of one of the comments that made the woman feel dirty. The professional believes that this part is true, she says that when Heard talks about the unpleasant remarks that her former husband made, her upper lip comes up, which shows disgust, and the overall body language and her voice tone make it all congruent. The problem is that when she talks about the attack, the body language, and the story are not harmonious.

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Driver said that when people do that, it shows their confidence, superiority, arrogance, and indignation. These qualities are out of place for an abused woman.


The specialist says that the reason why he kept his head down was that he wanted to alleviate that negative feeling.

During Heard’s testimony, Johnny’s head was facing the table and he never seemed to make eye contact with his former partner. The actor does it to make the negative feeling go away. The body language expert said that people who break eye contact are usually abused.



The victims will avoid eye contact. Many people think that the individual is deceptive because of this misconception about eye avoidance. It is mostly connected with the fact that they want to avoid listening to the person who is obnoxious.



What do you think about the situation so far, despite the fact that the defamation case is far from being completed? Do you agree with what the body language expert has said?