There are some businesses that you aspire to work for because they have a positive workplace culture, competitive salaries, and reasonable work demands. However, certain jobs stand out for having poor working conditions and a poor work ethic. Amazon is supposedly one of them.

Even though Amazon is one of the most well-known eCommerce companies on the planet, they are not the most praised for having excellent working conditions and remuneration. And a recent TiKTok video that went viral might provide more information on that.

On top of a stack of parcels, the Amazon employee was seen in the video dozing off across from a conveyor belt. “Work at Amazon they said,” user @rigo.a_ wrote via text on the video. There were several hashtags on it, such as #workconditions, #amazonsucks, #underpaid, and #unsafe.

Millions of people saw the video, and it garnered a tonne of comments from all angles.

Some individuals found it difficult to comprehend how an employee could be sleeping at work in such a way. “How you blaming Amazon because you don’t know how to have a good sleep schedule,” someone asked.

“No wonder why my package is late,” another person responded.

“Generation z does not like physical labor,” another user stated.

Others felt sorry for the woman since they knew that she was probably overworked and underpaid.

“She is tired. Doesn’t mean she is lazy, she may be working long hours, 2 jobs or have a baby who kept her up all night,” someone commented.

“Can’t blame her. It’s a very draining job,” another said.

A few former Amazon employees saw the film and testified to the unfavorable working conditions at the corporation. You might be shocked by some of the tales they told.

“I can say I understand,” someone emphatized. “I worked there twice and the pain never ends and neither does being tired either. A lot of people fainted from being overworked.”

“Poor thing was probably fired after she woke up,” another said.

“I worked nights and have the kids during the day it’s rough,” one user said.

“I started in Nov working OT overnight 6 days I had a 1-year-old I had no energy whatsoever … I lasted 1 month,” someone else said.

Have you heard of Amazon’s bad working conditions? Do you know anyone who works there?