Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals & Offers: Echo, Kindle, Twitch, Taylor Swift and Prime Student

    Amazon Prime Day 2019

    Amazon has announced that two days long Prime Day 2019 will officially start on 15th July. In this 48-hour long shopping fest, you will get a lot of chances to grab a deal of your dream. Amazon will list thousands of products on sale in this event.


    We have made a guide to help shoppers navigate through the noise in this shopping fest.

    Amazon Prime Day Cheat Sheet: Everything Summarized

    In short, you need to have a prime membership to be the part of Amazon Prime Day.

    • Deals on Prime Day will go live at 2:59 ET on July,15.
    • Prime Day shopping will go on for the next 48 hours.
    • You can expect similar sales from Amazon rivals like Best Buy and Walmart.

    Amazon Prime Deals that are live now

    Amazon Prime Day Sale

    Amazon has started to offer a sneak peek at the deals you can expect at this Prime Day Sale. The shopping giant has already dropped significantly on its products.

    • Amazon Echo Dot $25 off
    • Amazon Echo Input $20 off
    • 3 Months Kindle Unlimited 27 off
    • Amazon Echo Dot Case $10 off
    • Amazon Cloud Cam $30 off

    Deals for Twitch on Prime Day

    Amazon has announced a stream called Twitch Sells Out which will be similar to a shopping channel. This stream is intended to showcase all the best deals of Amazon Prime Day Twitch for gamers.

    Prime Day Taylor Swift Concert

    Yes, you read that right. This year’s prime day will kick off with a performance from Taylor Swift. Prime Day 2019 will also feature performances of Dua Lipa, Becky G, and SZA.

    Amazon Prime Day 2019 Music Concert

    Amazon will stream this concert for Prime members on July 10 at 9 pm ET on Prime Video.

    Can you shop without Amazon Prime Membership?

    Amazon Prime Day is a thank you gift to its Prime members, which means it is exclusive to them.

    You can signup for a free trial on your Amazon account and then shop, but if you have used up your trial in the past 12 months, then you can’t do that again.

    How fast will Amazon ship My Prime Day orders?

    The primary shipping partner of Amazon, FedEx has recently announced that it will not renew its domestic contract with Amazon.

    Amazon Prime Air Boeing 767


    This news could affect the shipping of your products. Amazon has been building and improving its shipping network and recently committed to next day shipping.

    Prime Day Deals for Prime Student

    Amazon Prime Student

    Amazon Prime Student member has access to all the features and perks of Amazon Prime service. So if you have Prime Student account, then you can take part in Prime Day sales like everyone else.

    Is your country a part of Amazon Prime Day 2019?

    The most important question of all is that if your country is a part of Prime Day or not.

    In 2018 17 countries participated in the Prime Day which are UK, US, Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Japan, India, China, France, Canada, Austria, Belgium, and Australia. In 2019 United Arab will join this list.

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