Amazon Prime

Amazon, an e-commerce giant, announced the upgrade of its traditional prime delivery. The company plans on implementing a one-day Prime delivery service instead of the existing two-day Prime delivery service window.

During the initial stage of delivery services, Amazon had signed over 200 independent contractors to handle the deliveries. The team has now crossed over a few thousand. In the expansion process, the company reportedly has planned to expand its delivery contractors by a few hundred. It has also offered former employers to come aboard.

Amazon provides encouragement to employees

In 2018, Amazon made an announcement to encourage its employees to start their own small business ventures. The Business will partner with the company itself and deliver the Prime packages in Amazon-branded vans and uniforms.

Amazon Prime delivery time

The company reported that the employees expressed excitement and interest in the ‘Delivery Service Partner’ Programme offered. But unfortunately, most of them were deprived of the funds needed to initiate the delivery based start-up.

Amazon’s program received an overwhelming response

On Monday, Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of worldwide operations at Amazon, as quoted by CNN, said:

“We received overwhelming interest from tens of thousands of individuals who applied to be part of the ‘Delivery Service Partner’ Programme, including many employees. We’ve heard from associates that they want to participate in the program but struggled with the transition.”

Amazon gives financial help to employees

Amazon attempts to help its US-based employees to establish their own business and quit the corporate job. In the endearing gesture, this e-commerce giant announced to provide financial assistance to its Employees for their delivery start-ups. The fund could go up to $10,000 along with three months of a salary advance.

amazon brand to employees

With the aim to accomplish independent delivery service to handle packages, it is gearing up is proceeding to courier delivery services like FedEx and to Postal services.