The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is getting divorced from his wife Mackenzie Bezos. They were married for 25 years. Bezos had tweeted saying that the two would do it again.

MacKenzie Bezos, wife of the richest man, Jeff Bezos is a novelist by profession as well as the recipient of the American Book Award of 2006. MacKenzie had met Bezos when she was working at New York City hedge fund where Jeff was an investor.

Wife of the CEO of Amazon, MacKenzie is also the head of an anti-bullying organization which was started in 2014. It is a non-profit organization.

Jeff and MacKenzie got married in 1994 which was even before the founding of Amazon and whether or not did they have a prenuptial agreement is still unknown.

If they did not have a prenuptial agreement then MacKenzie Bezos, wife to Jeff Bezos might get up to fifty percent of the assets of her husband.

Worth of the CEO of Amazon

According to Forbes, the current worth of Jeff Bezos is $137 billion but this list was published much before the stock holdings of the company increased in worth in the past few quarters.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon is the richest man
Source: CNBC

Since the same time of the previous year, the price of the shares of Amazon has witnessed an increase of more than 30 percent. In the February of 2017, reports have stated its stock holdings to be of 81 million shares which accounts to 17 percent of the total.

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After nine months, he had sold about 1 million shares which has the worth of about $1.1 billion which had left him with shares that were only 80 million in number who’s current worth $132 billion.

Through the proceedings of divorce, Jeff Bezos total assets will be made public.

And if there wasn’t any prenuptial agreement between the two and also that the terms between the two are not “good” then MacKenzie Bezos would be looking over the stocks of Amazon which will be of worth greater than $60 billion.

Since forever, the courts of divorce have favored women and if this continues then Mackenzie will get a huge sum.

The Current Richest Women : Alice Walton

At present the richest female is Alice Walton whose current worth is $46 billion. But if the estimates go right and MacKenzie gets $60 billion after her divorce then she will be taking that title away from Alice to become the richest female.

Alice Walton is currently the richest female
Source: Y Tmig

Taking into consideration the women who are in relationships where their husbands are the primary breadwinner, they often get money that is much more than the asset of her husband along with child support.

If we assume that the wealth of Jeff Bezos is divided exactly into half then the net worth of MacKenzie Bezos would be greater than Alice. Therefore she will be the title holder of the richest female on Earth.

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There are even chances that the divorce might give her more wealth that what her husband Jeff gets. If the split is not equal which means that MacKenzie could get richer than her husband Jeff and even most of the billionaires from across the world.

Will the stocks of Amazon be affected from the divorce?

The major question which arises is that will the divorce of the CEO and the splitting of the assets will eventually lead to liquidation of the company or of the stocks that go into the share of Mackenzie.

Amazon's stock might split after the divorce of its CEO, Jeff Bezos
Source: Social Barrel

About 488 million shares of Amazon are outstanding until the October 2018 of which 80 million are owned by the CEO.

And if the scenario turns out to be true and there is an equal split then MacKenzie would get 20-40 million shares. This will make her incharge of about 8 percent of the stocks of Amazon.

Source: Finance Yahoo, CNBC