Tough. It was challenging. Unrelenting. This is what we have been through this year. The year 2020 is coming to an end. Finally! It’s definitely not a surprise that some of us feel anxious, stressed out, and just… tired from everything that’s happened so far. Life is not just doom and gloom.

The Head of Psychology at ‘Action for Happiness’ said that doing things for others is a key part of keeping ourselves happy. Human beings evolved to live in groups so working together and doing things to help each other is the social glue that keeps us together.


1. “I just finished my cancer treatment. Only Steroids and Radiotherapy are left.”


2. We all must always be kind to each other.


3. “Hey all! I’m just 15 minutes old.”

King pointed out that children as young as 2 years old have been seen sharing which shows that we’re hardwired for cooperation. Group activities and community events make us happy.

We know that life isn’t always easy. Helping others is more difficult than it needs to be because life can hit us hard and make us into survival mode. There are lots of small ways that we can become more altruistic in our daily lives. It’s quite simple. We don’t need much more than a dash of courage and a bit of willpower.

Action for Happiness provides daily actions and advice on small changes you can take to bring more kindness into your life. We can make altruism a habit with small daily actions. You can start out small by paying three people a compliment or smiling at everyone you meet.


4. A guy feeding a kitten on a subway.


5. After the firestorm swept the town, this man from Colorado reunited with his Donkey.


6. This guy’s love for his son never died.

She added “Donating to charity, or to a food bank, or volunteer your time over Christmas. A food package or a note can be left for an elderly neighbor. Research shows that if we are happy, we are more likely to help others. We have ideas and inspiration for each day of the month to help you start in 2021.”

What about people who don’t care about helping others at all, but just want to be rewarded for their efforts? We wondered how to move from self-interest to genuine kindness. King said that it’s alright to fake it, but not to worry too much.

You will find that doing things for others helps you feel good, even if you only do it to get attention and praise. She said that once you see the difference you can make in the world and to your own happiness and altruism can grow naturally.


7. This boy got plastic correction done because of Crouzon Syndrom. Showed improvements in vision and breathing.


8. “This is the day when this girl right here becomes my daughter.”


9. “My grandpa was very happy to see me after months on FaceTime.”

King said that people are more likely to be kind when they experience it themselves. Being nice and spreading the spirit of giving can have a positive effect on the world. There’s also a practical aspect. Being kind increases the chances that others will be there for us when we need it.

King shared the problems with having expectations that are too high. If we set our expectations too high, we might be disappointed. It’s best to have little to no expectations when doing something for others.

“People on the receiving end feel very important for any act of kindness. It’s great to say thank you and add the positive impact it has for you if they can,” she said.


10. “I went to the shelter to look at dogs but they didn’t have any. Then I saw this girl who saw me and started petting her cage. I have a new friend now.”


11. “I don’t own any cat but I am in love with this one.”


12. This lady saved all her six children from a burning home.

“A key part of being happy is feeling comfortable with who you are and accepting life the way it is, so it may be helpful for the person to think about why they are seeking attention and reward from an external source. The person should take time to build up their self-care to become happier and more resilient. Writing down three things we are grateful for each day can boost happiness.”

Doing something nice for others without expecting anything in return is the essence of giving.

Our brains reward us for being social and looking out for the collective which we depend on, not because we are altruistic, but because we feel good about doing wholesome things for others. Helping others feels good at the end of the day. On a spiritual and biological level.


13. This is much needed.


14. This is very true.


15. Good news, in case.

A lot of us assume that human beings are selfish and self-interested. That may be a bunch of pessimistic and cynical boohockey. The author is Rutger Bregman. The notion that we are inherently selfish is challenged by A Hopeful History. Bregman pointed out that we should assume that people are good. It’s definitely not wishful thinking.

According to Bregman, there is an evolutionary basis for our instinct to cooperate rather than compete and to trust rather than distrust. The last 200k years of our history are given a fresh new take by Bregman in the book.


16. My cousin fished on the river this weekend and saved a deer who was tired and starting to drown.


17. An amazing young man.


18. Band-aids that are skin-colored, for people.


19. I am a horse vet. I talked to this little guy’s people and he fell asleep on my feet.


20. “2020 isn’t bad at all. I asked this handsome guy to marry me and he agreed.”


21. “My daughter wrote a letter to her teacher.”


22. As his mom burst into tears, an autistic boy who can’t be touched connects with a service dog.


23. We should all treat each other the same, just the way this 8-year-old kid does.


24. This strong young man survived a cardiac arrest.


25. The first mother-daughter pair in history to pilot a commercial Skywest Airlines flights are Suzy and Donna.


26. “My dog used to steal my chair. He seemed very pleased when I got his own.”


27. “My mother made 31 blankets on her own and then donated them to children who are sick.”


28. I bet my coworker that I would spend 2020 getting fit after getting too drunk at the office Christmas party. I won the bet and stood up to my words. Proud of myself.


29. A dog named Meadow went missing in the woods for 10 days. A kind stranger assisted in recovering it.


30. “It’s been 700 days that my husband is sober.”