Did you ever wonder why you chose your partner? Is it real love? One of the most accurate ways to define it is the details, if you love the little things they do in the day to day life, then you have your answer. You can check out the best qualities in your partners and vote up if you like them on the same page as you.


1. Their Genuine Interest In What You Do.

From Redditor u/eraser_dust:

My husband is interested in everything I do, no matter how mundane it is. When I drag him to 3 different stores to find a specific mascara, he asks about what makes it so great and then will read up about the makeup. When I told him that a lip patch helped heal my cracked nipples, he started reading up on other potential breastfeeding effects and how people handle them. He is genuinely excited to just ask me about everything, he doesn’t do it to lord his “expertise” over me or anything.

2. They Constantly Reassure You.

From Redditor u/resinker:

Every chance he gets, he tells me how much he loves me. He can call out my bullsh*t when I am wrong. He does not manipulate me and he is quick to apologize when he makes mistakes. And he does all the cooking because I am not good at it. He doesn’t just compliment my appearance, but also my strengths, and our children adore him. He is amazing in bed.

3. They Have A Seductive Intellect.

From Redditor u/wormtail71:

Her knowledge. When I met her 30 years ago, there was a fierce physical attraction between us, but what won me over was her brilliant mind. She is the smartest person I have ever met. I could not have asked for a better mother for our daughter. She puts family before everything.

4. They Cater To You.

From Redditor u/SpicyYellowBanana:

He brings me coffee. Every. Single. Morning. I have made coffee twice in the last 8 years. I am not sure how to use the machine anymore. If he wakes up before me, he will wait until a reasonable hour, and then I will wake up with the smell of coffee beans next to the bed. He leaves the room when he brings me coffee after an argument. He makes the coffee and puts it in a mug before he leaves. Mornings are my favorite time of day.

5. They Are Goofy With You.

From Redditor u/CaitiieBuggs:

He is always goofy with me and doesn’t take himself seriously.

He takes care of me and the baby we are having soon. I know how much he loves me. He shows his love for me in front of people.

6. They Are Down To Earth.

From Redditor u/CarlyXXX21:

My partner is the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met. Even though life is difficult, he always has a good attitude and is kind to everyone he meets. He encourages me to stay in college and pursue my goals. I can’t imagine my life without him.

7. They Are A Go-Getter Person.

From Redditor u/daboot013:

My wife is a hard worker. She wanted to learn how to build things and she got a better job because she wanted one. She just does what she wants to do.

8. The Way They Look At You.

From Redditor u/vsprintffdgh:

The way he looks at me. Lunch is waiting for me when I get out of the shower. He pulls me closer to him when he wakes me up in the middle of the night because I’ve moved too far away. Even though he would rather sit on the couch and wake up, he lays in bed with me every morning. Every day he makes a sacrifice for me. He tries to make me happy. He’s always there when I need him. He does so many things to let me know he loves me.

He is a perfect match for me and he always treats me with kindness, respect, and love no matter what mood he is in, even though we have our rough times and get frustrated with each other. At the end of most days, we communicate our problems and go to bed with a smile on our faces.

9. They Are Self-Aware.

From Redditor u/Mykneeisbig:

She is self-aware. Says things like,” I may have been being selfish.” “You have a good point.” And “I’m sorry.” I do the same and try to admit my faults, stop on a dime in an argument and say “I’m sorry, I’m being unreasonable, let’s back up.” Both of us are pretty good at accepting each other’s frailties. It is rare to be with a partner like that. She has a funny sense of humor and a hilarious laugh.

10. They Communicate.

From Redditor u/remnant_phoenix:

We communicate. No passive-aggressive nonsense or covered-up resentments. We talk about issues if there are any and we support each other. We don’t fall into the self-sabotage of serving the other while not taking care of our own individual needs because we communicate when we feel overwhelmed and in need of personal space/time.

I make her laugh and she makes me roll my eyes. We find ways to keep the romance alive and have times where there is more in love than when we started dating.

11. The Unconditional Love.

From Redditor u/cloudgirl150:

Simple: I always think that he loves me more than anything. I don’t worry about him cheating on me. I can be myself around him. We’ll talk about it later when we’ve cooled down, even when we fight.

If I’m in a bad situation, he’ll always stop to drive to help me. I’m grateful that I was able to find my partner because not many people have a partner like that.