Finding an ancient casket on the bottom of the sea, full of precious treasures, is the dream of many underwater archaeologists. But unlike most dreams, this often happens. Throughout the long history of mankind, the sea has been an indispensable route for the transportation of goods. As a result, many ships and many treasures have disappeared over the centuries.

Only with the invention of diving equipment could these underwater artifacts be recovered. Remote submarines and deep-sea boats have expanded our reach, but the most unusual discoveries are sometimes made by ordinary fishermen. From thousands of sealed wine bottles to scrap metal dating back to ancient Rome and the entire underwater city, these are the coolest ruins found under the sea.


1. The Antikythera Mechanism.


2. Under the submerged city of Atilit Yam, a human skeleton from 6900-6300 B.C.


3. From the Bronze Age, Egyptian jewelry found in the Uluburun shipwreck.


4. About 2000 wine amphoras from the 5th century.


5. The head of the Philosopher.


6. The youth statue of Antikythera.


7. An amphora from the 4th century with coral growing out of it.


8. Recovered gold jewelry from the Nuestra Señora de Esperanza that sunk in 1658.


9. The 1715 Spanish fleet’s silver sword hilts.


10. Atilit Yam’s ritual structure.


11. The Uluburun shipwreck’s blue glass bar.


12. Sank in 1864, a box and shell from the CSS Alabama.


13. A pitcher that’s gilded.


14. Some scrap metal found from the Uluburun shipwreck.


15. The Tektas shipwreck’s coarse ware from the 5th century B.C.


16. Burned in 1642, some charred remains of the ship.


17. A silver ingot in pie wedge style.


18. The Uluburun shipwreck African ivory.


19. Looted from Amber Room of Russia, some treasure that might have been aboard a sunken German ship.


20. Found under an Israeli seabed, a crusader sword that’s about 900 years old.