Imagine the Statue of Liberty. If you have never seen it in person, you most likely have a common image of it that most people have.

Thanks to the media, popular culture, and instant access to virtually any information, we all have a common perspective on things. What if we looked at the Statue of Liberty from a different angle?

There is an excellent corner on Reddit called “Alternate Angles” which may have an answer to many things we see at their face value. This new online community made in the year 2020, shows a whole new viewpoint of “iconic events and places in history beyond the traditional well-known photos and videos”.

The result is fresh perspectives and never-before-seen angles that prove there is more than meets the eye. There is an interview with the team behind the alternate angles subreddit.


1. The Sphinx has a tail!


2. A hiker watching the eruption of Mount St. Helens from Mount Adams.


3. People watching the collapse of the Twin towers on 9/11.


4. Bricks protecting The David Statue during World War II.


5. Charles Ebbets taking a picture of the workers having lunch on a steel beam.


6. People reacting to the explosion of The Challenger space shuttle.


7. Bib Ross before his perm and beard.


8. Neil Armstrong’s family watching him leaving for Moon in 1969.


9. The unassembled Statue of Liberty at World Fair in Paris, in 1878.


10. Tutankhamun’s mask’s backside.


11. Prince William showing middle finger after the birth of Prince Louis.


12. The uncropped photo of The Day of the Tiananmen Massacre, 1989.


13. The Beatles standing in a line for their album shoot.


14. Taj Mahal’s more depressing view.


15. The filming of the song Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975.


16. A different angle of the Pyramids.


17. The Lincoln Memorial.


18. The top view of the famous Sydney Opera House.


19. “I have a dream.”


20. Did you know that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is empty on the inside?


21. The baby on the cover of the album Nevermind, getting out of the pool.


22. Lady Liberty.


23. Opening crawl from Star Wars Episode IV.


24. A candid shot of Kim Il-sung’s tumor at the back of his head.


25. Moments before the Tiananmen Massacre.


26. The wheel behind the price.


27. Vincent Van Gogh.


28. A different angle of The Phantom Menace.


29. A different side of the Tiananmen Square protest.


30. The photo of The Dallas Shooter.