n the year of Superheros and Monster, there was a movie which stands out for its amazing Visual effects and unique CGI. Alita: Battle Angel based on the Japanese Manga Comics named Gunnm, was the dream project of Hollywood’s biggest Producer and Director James Cameron.

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James Cameron was busy in making Avatar Sequels with a whole new technology, so his friend Robert Rodriguez helped to finish Alita: Battle Angel. While the movie didn’t do well in the US Domestic Market, it was a huge success in International territories and made enough money for a Sequel.

Alita: Battle Angel End Tease

While the whole movie revolved around Alita and Hugo getting to the city of Zalem in the sky, there were almost no scenes showing the high-class city and it was only mentioned in conversations. Nova (Edward Norton) reveals itself during the final scenes of the movie.

It was established that Nova has been behind the scenes of all horrible things which happened with Alita including the death of Dr. Ivo, her adopted father played Christopher Waltz. During the end, Alita’s love interest Hugo falls down from the chains to his death, and Alita vows to destroy the city of Zalem and kill the emperor, Nova setting up a possible sequel.

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Alita: Battle Angle Sequel Plot details

Alita: Battle Angle Sequel Plot details

The story for the first movie was inspired a lot from the Battle Angel Anime and Manga. Released in 1993, the same might inspire the sequel as well. After Hugo’s death, Alita becomes a Motorball Champion, simultaneously working as a Hunter-Warrior. She loses her Title Match against Jashugan. Jai Courtney plays Jashugan in a cameo appearance in the movie.

Alita: Battle Angel 2 Detailed Plot line

Alita then falls into a controversy started by Edward Norton’s Nova. She must kill Zapan, played by Ed Skrein to bring back his adopted father, Dr. Ido. There might be some changes in the plot elements. Overall, we expect the sequel to more or less remains revolve around the same storylines.

Release Date

Alita: Battle Angel 2 Release Date

The first movie took more than 20 years to come into being. James Cameron was running busy with other projects. It is highly likely that the sequel will release anytime soon. With Disney taking over 20th Century Fox, there are chances now it could soon be fast tracked to production.

Earliest estimates put the release date for the movie around somewhere in 2022. The movie had a lot of potential. A properly planned sequel could be a huge success. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Alita: Battle Angel Updates and other news.