The film adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s manga series, known by the name Alita: Battle Angel did well at the box office but contrary to predictions, there is already news regarding the film being renewed for a second installment.

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Alita Battle Angel was released in February this year, and although critics guessed that it will be a huge flop, it made over USD 403 million worldwide. The domestic earnings were no less too, with the film making $85 million in the US alone. With a production budget of only $170 million, it is no secret that not only did the film break even, but it also made huge progress. As a result, speculations about the sequel being produced make more and more sense.

Alita Battle Angel plot

Alita Battle Angel 2 release date castThe first movie was focused on the past of the protagonist, revealing that she was a Berserker. The film had several motifs – including her relationship with her father, developing her hand at Motorball. There was even the spark of a new romance with Hugo. with all these storylines still unfinished, a second sequel could help tie up the loose ends.

Cameron comments

alita battle angelJames Cameron, however, refuses to say anything substantial. He revealed that although he has plans for a second film, he will not be discussing anything in concrete terms. He added, “It’s cheeky to set up a sequel before you’re proven. That can blow back in your face.”

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He also said,

“We think of something like Warcraft that was clearly set up with the intention to do sequels, and then it becomes mock-able because the film doesn’t succeed. But I don’t worry about stuff like that. If the film fails, it’s its own punishment, you know? It doesn’t matter if we get mocked on top of having failed.”