Alec Baldwin was in New Mexico in October to shoot a scene with a prop gun. He claims the cinematographer told him to point a gun at the camera.

Halyna Hutchins and the director were behind the camera. A real bullet was fired by the gun. Hutchins died after collapsing. She was young. Souza survived despite being injured.

The police investigation in New Mexico is still going on. They haven’t ruled out anyone, including Baldwin, in their investigation into what happened.

Baldwin says he did not fire the gun. He said he didn’t know there were live bullets in the gun. He doesn’t think he’s responsible for the death.

Hutchins’ family is grieving. She left behind her husband and son. Baldwin sympathized with their loss, but sympathy doesn’t bring back the ones you love.

Hutchins’s family hired lawyers and filed a lawsuit against Baldwin, but they are not the only ones responsible. The film’s assistant director, Dave Halls, and the set’s lead armorer are named in the lawsuit along with several production companies who were involved in the making of the film.

The lawsuit claims that there were a lot of things that went wrong when it came to gun safety, such as not treating the gun as if it were loaded and having live bullets on set.

The lawyers had to say to the press about why they filed this lawsuit, so watch the video below to learn more.



Do you think Baldwin will be found guilty? Who should be held responsible for Hutchins’s death?