Alec Baldwin took to social media to explain why he chose to have a large family.

Celeb dads often welcome a large number of children. Nick Cannon has kids with four different women and is expecting his eighth child.

Musk is a big advocate of having big families. Insider reported earlier this month that the billionaire fathered twins with a top executive at one of his companies.

The twins were born just before Musk and his ex-partners welcomed a child via surrogate in December, according to reports.

Baldwin is in good company.

The actor and his wife share six children. Carmen, 8, Rafael, 7, Leonardo, 5, Romeo, 4, and twins Eduardo and Lucia, 1. They’re expecting a baby girl later this year.

Ireland is from Baldwin’s first marriage to model Kim Basinger.

The Saturday Night Live star has received a lot of criticism for his large family.

One critic tweeted: “It’s not always the middle class or poor….. Alec Baldwin (actor) is preparing to have his SEVENTH child!!! And Elon Musk has SIX. WTF is going on here?”

Another wrote: “Do these people not consider the environmental issues of having such large families?”

A third said the actor’s large family was irresponsible.

Baldwin explained why he feels the need to welcome more joy into the world.

The actor shared a video of his two youngest children, Eduardo and Mara Luca, both a year old.

In the clip, the pajama-clad toddlers are drinking milk as they interact with their mom.

Baldwin captioned the sweet post: “People comment about how many children we have and ask why. This is why. The thing in this life that matters most to me are these people.”