Aladdin ending explained sequel 2 genie

Aladdin (2019) is one of the most colorful, musical fantasy film of this year. It is the live-action remake of Disney’s 1992 animated film of the same name, based on the folk tale ‘One thousand and one nights.’ Guy Ritchie is the director of Aladdin, and it has gotten good reviews with an average 58% RT score and good box-office collection.

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While the ending of Aladdin has confused many viewers, we have detailed explanations. Also, we will talk about the possibility of an Aladdin movie sequel.

What Happens in the End?

Aladdin ending explained

The whole Aladdin movie is full of twists and turn, and it keeps the thrill maintained till the last second. Aladdin, the titular street-rat becomes a prince after the Genie played by Will Smith grants him a wish. But as the movie progress, he fells in love with Princess Jasmine and loses the lamp to the evil emperor Jafar.

Jafar banishes Aladdin to die at the frozen wasteland, but Genie secretly sends the Magic carpet to bring him and his monkey Abu back to the Agrabah palace. After that a confrontation between them, Jasmine steals the lamp, but Jafar uses his magical powers and gets it back. When all hope is lost, Aladdin tricks Jafar into a turning into a Genie and is banished away in the lamp. 

Different from the Animated version

Aladdin ending explained sequel

After everything goes back to normal, Aladdin uses his last wish to free Genie from his bonds and allow him to live a regular human life. Aladdin movie ends differently from the animated version in two significant terms. In the original story, Jasmine’s father legalizes Aladdin as a Sultan so that they can get married.

While in the Aladdin 2019 version, the laws are changed and Jasmine becomes the princess of Agrabah and rules the city. It also goes in terms of woman empowerment and makes the ending of Aladdin unique and sends a message to society.

Future of Genie

Aladdin 2 genie

Aladdin movie initially starts in a boat where a couple is sailing out with their kids, and the man narrates the events in a flashback. In the end, it is revealed that the couple is none other than Genie and Dalia (Jasmine’s friend) who gets married and starts a family. As stated earlier, Aladdin uses his last wish and grants Genie his freedom.

Genie always desired to live a normal life, fall in love, and have a wife and kids. While in the animated version, Genie is just freed of his bonds and travels around the world. It puts a question around; Genie has lost its magic, what will happen to him in future? Well, there is now another Genie in the form of Jafar, so the future possibilities are limitless depending on the writers.

Post Credits Scene

Aladdin post credit scene

As most of the musical movies are generally self-contained and rarely contains a future tease, post-credits scenes are rare. But again, it is Disney we are talking about who made the trend of post-credits scene famous with the Marvel movies.

Aladdin movie ties up all the loose threads at the end, so there was no need for the post-credits scene. There is no clip or tease at the end of the movie after the credits roll. There is a melodious musical number at the end of Aladdin movie, which is worth staying till the end.

Will there be an Aladdin Sequel?

It brings out to the most important question, Is there going to be a sequel for Aladdin movie? For live-action remakes, Disney rarely makes a sequel, but there are exceptions such as The Jungle Book and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Honestly, it all depends on the box-office collection of the movie and how much of the audience is ready for a sequel.

It is too early to decide for Aladdin sequel, but given the increasing collection and power of Will Smith, a sequel can be announced soon. As the original animated Aladdin had 2 sequels, there are stories ready; only the producers need to give it a green signal.