Aladdin cast, plot, and box office collection

We have all grown up watching Aladdin and his Genie mimicking just everybody on earth. We wish if we too could stumble upon a chance to meet genie who would grant us any three wishes on earth. Our life would have been more colorful and, obviously, more exciting.

Aladdin 2019 Poster

The upcoming flick Aladdin conjures up all the good innocent memories of childhood. We can’t wait more to witness our own childhood unfolding around us one more time. The adventures of Aladdin has got bigger this time as Walt Disney is going to serve it on a big screen. We bring you key updates of the movie right here. Here we go:

Aladdin: Plausible plot

As per the trailers and speculation around, the venture is going to take you back on the same journey and adventures. Poor guy, Aladdin will one day accidentally meets a funny genie. The genie takes him on an extraordinary life and turns his life up side down. Then there will be a princess who he will charm away and some bad people who can’t stand him getting it all.

This is a remake of 1992 animated flick by the same name. The only difference is that this is not an animation. We are eagerly waiting for the movie to release now.

Aladdin Cast for the movie

Guy Ritchie is directing Aladdin. He is a perfectionist and how can he go wrong with the cast. You know we tend to have a particular image in our mind when we think of Aladdin, Jasmine, and genie. If you able to project the same images in our mind, you have won the race. Guy Ritchie has got them all like we have got them in our mind. Bingo.

Aladdin (2019): Will Smith to play GenieWill Smith is playing genie.

Marwan Kenzari is playing Zafar.

Mena Masood as Aladdin.

Noami Scott as princess Jasmine.

Navid Nigahban is playing the Sultan.

Box office expectations

The movie is expected to make around $90 million on the opening day. The main reason is that it is being released on memorial day.


Written by Faran

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