One of the best things in our lives is animals. It’s the same as kids. Most parents are aware that things are more complicated with children, but some people think that they are the same.

There is a group of people who are so fond of their dogs that they call them dog dads or dog moms. Our story will include a discussion of one of these women.

The original poster in the AITA community was a friend of one of the dog moms, and the post has racked up over 3.5k upvotes. Most of the commenters supported the idea.


A friend of the original poster decided to stay childfree and became a dog mom.


Five of their friends had children and used to talk about them.

The OP and her friend have known each other for a long time. They were friends with five other women who had already had children for a long time, while the other two had cats and dogs.


Mother’s Day has been held by friends for many years.

On Mother’s Day, their gathering typically hosts a get-together – albeit the OP could have done without to partake, as her companions with youngsters, for the most part, examined their posterity and different things connected with them, while the OP was not exceptionally acquainted with diapers, night feedings, initial steps, etc.

She continued to take part in these meetings until the children grew up, and the parents began to gather for outings with husbands and parents like one big friendly family.


She treated Lemon like a child.

But eventually, she became a dog mom. She divorced her husband because he changed his mind about having children after she decided to stay childfree in her youth. Lemon is a wonderful doggo. She treated him like a baby and spoiled him in a lot of ways.

She emphasized that she was also a mother when she threw him birthday parties and sent greeting cards. Until the next Mother’s Day came, everything was fine and calm.


The friends decided not to invite the two of them for their Mother’s Day outing because they mostly talked about kids.

The friends from the group who had children decided not to invite the two of them because they were not always interested in discussing children’s issues. The person taking it calmly and with understanding was the OP.

Even though she is a dog mom, raising a child is still not the same as keeping a dog. She adopted the puppy when he was 11 weeks old, specialists help with training and grooming, and she is not the kind of mom that likes cats.

None of her friends heard from her again after she turned around and left. One of them, who worked with her, heard a woman talk about how she was left out and her friends didn’t take her seriously.


The commenters tried to clear the air on whether she behaved well with her.

The commenters confirmed most of the arguments that she cited in her conversation with Leila. One of the commenters wrote that she could leave a two-year-old dog at home, while no one could ever leave a two-year-old child.

Being childfree is great, but don’t relate yourself to Mother’s Day just because dogs aren’t kids, said another person. It was an opinion that anyone who uses the phrase “crotch goblin” to describe children is TA. Pet Parent Day falls on the last Sunday of April and some commenters advised Leila to celebrate.

Maybe she will start to celebrate the holiday that she was advised to, and calm down and make peace with her friends. We are waiting for your comments about this story and your own exciting stories.