A Tour Inside Dakota Johnson’s Cozy Sanctuary

Dakota Johnson describes her Los Angeles home as her anchor. Her cozy abode was built in 1947 by architect Carl Maston and features mid-century modern aesthetic designs with vintage furniture and wall-sized windows in the living room. Dakota Johnson tells Architectural Digest about her vintage-styled Los Angeles Cozy Sanctuary.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson Gets Candid With Architectural Digest About Her Los Angeles Anchor

Dakota Johnson’s home, according to Architectural Digest, appears to be lived in, compared to other celebrity homes that appear pristine and well-organized! Her home office oozes warmth and comfort, with overflowing bookshelves and well-maintained vintage furnishings.

Dakota’s LA home

A full-length set of doors runs the length of the living room, with the property surrounded by trees and a circular swimming pool in the yard. She took inspiration from the color of her favorite The Row sweater while decorating her Master Bathroom, while her cabinets in the kitchen harbor a tone of vibrant green color.

Dakota’s LA Home

Dakota organized her prized possessions on vintage furniture to create a warm and inviting haven with character. She still considers this place her second base and visits her “anchor,” as she refers to it, whenever her schedule allows.

Ryan Murphy, the man of American Horror Story, used to own this property. He moved out since his family required a significantly larger space. But, it appears that Dakota would find it difficult to part with this home since she considers it to be extremely “lucky” for her.

“I was immediately drawn to how it was clean but also cosy. I’ll never want to sell this place.”

In Malibu, Dakota already has a house with her boyfriend, Chris Martin. They had previously owned a $12.5 million property for a year before Chris sold it and purchased a $14.4 million property in a more exclusive area. Having double sinks is just something Dakota Johnson thinks is best to maintain a healthy relationship when she gets into arguments with her partner!

“I think the key to a healthy relationship is double sinks.”