Rihanna is without a doubt one of the busiest women in the world.

The singer has a lot on her plate right now. She is trying to raise a family, run an empire worth a billion dollars, and finally make her long-awaited comeback in the music industry.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Rihanna has a strict set of rules that her assistants have to follow to keep her life running smoothly.



Here are the rules that Rihanna wants all of her assistants to follow:


They must take a picture that is suitable for her to post on Instagram.

Rihanna is known for her beautiful Instagram page, where she shows off her makeup line, Fenty, as well as her other accomplishments.

Ask any of her helpers how hard it is to make the perfect Instagram feed for her business.

In 2014, The Daily Star published an article that said Rihanna had hired her best friend Melissa Forde to help her take the perfect Instagram photo.

A reliable source says that the pop star tells her assistant to take photos for her Instagram page so that she always has the best photo for her feed.


After she has left, they have to clean up.

Even though the celebrity is now a mother and is in a serious relationship with the rapper ASAP Rocky, neither of those things stopped her from having affairs with other men in the past.

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As one source told US Weekly in the past, one of her past relationships ended because she “didn’t want to be held down.”

It looks like Rihanna didn’t have to deal with any bad things that happened because of her rendezvous.

“By far the worst thing she has to do is check Rihanna’s hotel room if she’s had a lover the night before. Melissa has to clean up anything personal that’s been left behind,” the source told the Daily Star.


Before Rihanna goes to the bathroom, someone has to make sure there is a full roll of toilet paper.

“Rihanna gets Melissa to check the bathroom before she uses it,” the source added.

They also said that the famous person likes her toilet paper to be “full and folded.”


If Rihanna wasn’t the last person to use the bathroom, it needs to be cleaned.

Based on what the source said, it sounds like Rihanna might be afraid of germs.

The singer asks that the bathroom be cleaned and that the toilet paper be folded, as long as she wasn’t the last person to use it.


Rihanna has asked for her joints to be rolled.

We all know that Rihanna is very fond of green leaves.

So much so that Rhianna worried in an interview with Vogue in April of this year that she wouldn’t be able to smoke to help her deal with her mood swings while she was pregnant.

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“I was bracing myself for something insane because I knew I wouldn’t have my usual coping mechanism: I can’t just go and smoke a joint right now. But I was pleasantly surprised that I’ve been able to manage,” she said.

But a source for The Daily Star says that she doesn’t roll her own spliffs; instead, she has her assistant do it.


They need to learn a lot about how to live on the streets.

Jennifer Rosales, who used to work as Rihanna’s assistant and did so for more than nine years, recently talked about how being an assistant has helped her become more “street smart.”

“[Rihanna is] a powerhouse of a CEO… She’s super smart. So, it was learning from her,” Rosales said in an interview with Tinseltown Mom in 2021.

“She has an amazing management team, and it was learning from them…It’s that ‘street education’ you combine with your college degree that takes you to the next level.”

Rihanna’s Fenty Corp., which runs her many billion-dollar businesses, is now looked after by Rosales, who is not only one of Ri’s best friends but also the Senior Vice President of the company. It looks like it pays off to work for Rihanna.


They must have a system that is very well organized.

As part of his “Take a Break” segment, James Corden went to the launch show for SAVAGE X FENTY VOL. 3 in 2021. During that part of the show, he filled in for Rihanna’s assistant, Carolyn, and got a small taste of the duties that come with her job.

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It became very clear that any of Ri’s assistants needed to always be on their best behavior, especially on a show like this one.

Rihanna gave the job of running the show to her assistant, who is in charge of everything from making sure the models look good to make sure they change clothes and do their makeup.


There are very specific rules about how to dress.

At the beginning of the launch of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna put out a satirical employee handbook. It had a lot of silly rules that were meant to be funny.

In the employee handbook, Rihanna says that her workers should wear clothes “according to their salary.”

“If I see you wearing $350 Prada sneakers, and carrying a $600 Gucci bag, we assume you’re doing well financially and therefore you do not need a raise.”

The handbook also notes if you dress “poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better.”

The handbook also says that if you dress badly, you need to learn how to handle your money better.