Vera Wang continues to surprise people with how young she looks. After her 73rd birthday in June, some joked that she was “aging backward.”

The famous fashion designer has given a few tips over the years about how she stays looking so much younger than her age, even though she has good genes.

And you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to punish yourself by going on a strict diet and working out for hours.

In an interview with the BBC for International Women’s Day earlier this year, the businesswoman from New York talked more about her secrets.

Along with the advice to get enough sleep, Vera said that she “values” having a vodka cocktail at the end of the day because it helps her “transition from a very intense work schedule to a bit of a private life.”

She also says that her youthful look helps her work in fashion. “I’ve been in fashion since I was 19 years old. Not in front of the camera, behind it.

“I never thought about youth, probably because I work with the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis. And because of that I more envision them as my muses, and maybe it’s a way of dealing with ageing that is productive.”

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She continued: “So I always said that vodka cocktail, a lot of sleep, but work – work is the magic elixir.”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar US in 2016, Vera said that, when it comes to working out, she tries to do it little and often.

“I usually lift weights, not much – two pounds and three pounds. It takes me a total of five minutes,” she explained.

The fashion star also likes to play golf. At the time, she told InStyle: “I’m not a huge exercise person, but I love to play golf at Liberty National, in Jersey City, NJ or at Atlantic Golf Club in the Hamptons if I happen to be out there.

“I’m terrible but enthusiastic.”

Vera is just as laid-back when it comes to food. She says she “never misses a meal” because she has to feed her brain.

“I go through phases with what I eat for lunch,” she added. “I like sashimi with brown rice and vegetables, Chinese steamed broccoli with chicken and rice, or the artichoke salad or fish from Sant Ambroeus.

“I only drink water – I stopped drinking Diet Coke six years ago. That was the hardest thing I ever gave up.”

Last but not least, Vera always wears the right glasses throughout the day, like sunglasses when it’s sunny and blue-light glasses when she’s working on the computer.

In an interview earlier this year with The Strategist, she said: “Eyewear is not only decorative or ornamental or a creative expression, it’s protective. You have to save your irises and pupils.

“And we’re all staring at screens all day – we need to be mindful because the damage will catch up to us eventually.”