The Prince and Princess of Wales, despite being very young, displayed a much more mature display of respect for their great-grandmother. George, 9, and Charlotte, 7, William and Kate’s two oldest children, who were also the youngest mourners at their great-funeral, grandmother’s said their final goodbyes to the Queen during her farewell speech in the aisle of Westminster Abbey. However, since they attended Prince Philip’s memorial service in March, this was the second time the royal siblings had been spotted at Westminster Abbey. People claims that William and Kate carefully considered whether to allow their kids to participate in the procession and service. However, it was believed that four-year-old Prince Louis was too young to attend the service.

Princess Charlotte of Wales made the decision to honour her royal great-grandmother subtly through her wardrobe, much like her mother and other female family members. She wore an all-black coat, tights, and black hat with a bow for the first time at the formal event in remembrance of the late monarch. She also pinned a silver horseshoe brooch to the front of her clothing as a loving gesture and tribute to the Queen’s love of horses, according to US Magazine. According to Kate in an interview with Paralympian Natasha Baker in 2018, Charlotte shared the late monarch’s fascination for horses.

Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter, represented England in the eventing competition at the 1976 Summer Olympics while riding one of the monarch’s horses. A horse-shaped charm necklace was also on Lady Louise Windsor, the queen’s youngest granddaughter, as she stood to watch at Westminster Hall on Saturday, September 17. We’ve also seen Kate and Megan honour the Queen in the past week by donning delicate yet gorgeous jewellery.

Princess Kate mentioned earlier that her younger children have not yet fully understood the scope of the loss. In her interactions with the general public, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton said that while Prince George was able to comprehend and process the passing of the Queen, his younger siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were “less so.” The crowd’s anonymous participants discussed their encounter with the Princess of Wales with BBC reporter Jo Black. “They’re doing great, and they’re being taken care of at school,” said the person.

According to The Daily Mail, Prince William and Kate interacted with those waiting outside the Sandringham estate and looked at the flowers and heartfelt tributes to the late Queen left at their gate. Prince George, the Princess of Wales’s eldest son, “understands the loss” of his great-grandmother, the Queen, according to the princess. Kate Middleton revealed to a well-wisher last week that Prince George consoled her after the Queen’s death. The 40-year-old woman claimed that her four-year-old responded to the Queen’s passing and offered her consolation. Her little one remarked, “Don’t worry. She’s now with great-grandpa.”