Have you ever come across the phrase, “If you got it, flaunt it”? Hayek swears by it and has been posting photos of herself in a bikini. It wasn’t always a source of contentment for her, but she’s proud of her body and what it looks like now.

Salma said that she had to undergo a lot of exercise and weight loss to get into a bikini. “It was the first week of the vacation and I took a lot of pictures,” she added.

She said that posting the photos has been freeing for her and that she has taken lots of photos of herself ever since she got down to her goal size.

The photos were taken while she was on a tropical vacation. She admits that she doesn’t look the same after she started eating more. The photos made her feel proud of who she was and who she still is.

Hayek said that she saved her pictures and that she was spreading the love like every two weeks. “I will put up another one. I don’t know if you have that feeling, but I’m almost running out of them.”

Some fans have told her to stop with the photos, but she doesn’t care.

She said that people were sick of it, but she was going to let them take a break. “They might start to think that I wear a bikini every day.”

The photos are getting a lot of likes, so the haters can’t say much.
















It is always nice to feel good about yourself. What do you think about Hayek posting bikini photos? Should she be able to post whatever she wants, or is it too much?