Woman Couldn’t Get Pregnant So Her 51-Year-Old Mum Becomes Her Surrogate

Becoming a mother is the most special feeling in this world. And expecting a baby can transform the entire life of a girl. But, unfortunately, many times, women cannot carry babies due to health issues. and they go for surrogacy. In a similar incident, a woman who couldn’t get pregnant opted for surrogacy. And guess what, her own 51-year-old mother became the surrogate mother for her child.

Breanna Lockwood and her husband Aaron hoped to have a baby soon. But, unfortunately, it was heartbreaking for both of them when they realized that their attempts to conceive proved difficult. After trying several times, they decided to consult a fertility clinic in Illinois. However, the clinic recommended them to begin fertility treatment. And they both did as directed, but it seems like their pregnancy journey was not that easy. Tragically, Breanna suffered two miscarriages.

Lockwoods try hard to get a ababy

Later on, she even developed Asherman’s syndrome, a condition that’s acquired from scarred tissue in the uterus. Thus, at this point, Dr. Brian Kaplan, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist at Fertility Centers of Illinois, suggested surrogacy. However, the solution would cost Lockwoods almost $100,000.

51-year-old mum volunteers to become surrogate for her grandchild

Breanna's mom volunteers to become surrogate

So Breanna’s mum, Julie Loving, offered them another solution. She volunteered to become the surrogate mother of their child. Although the daughter was reluctant at first, then they visited the doctor to consult over the suggestion. When she brought her mum in to visit Dr. Kaplan during one of her appointments, Breanna noticed he expressed some hesitation.

However, Julie exceeded all the expectations by clearing all the health tests one by one. She also underwent a range of psychology tests and blood tests. Soon after, the mother & daughter duo were given the go-ahead. Dr. Kaplan described it as a ‘very unique scenario’. He added: ‘The family dynamic, unconditional support, and sacrifice and the resilience of the human spirit were humbling for me as a physician.’

This story brought tears into our eyes and we know you might also have got emotional at first sight. If you also have such inspiring stories to share, do share them with us in the comments section below.