No matter how old they get, we will always think of them as our little puppies.

Great Danes are the most friendly, outgoing, and cute dogs that have ever lived, even though their massive size can make them look scary. They look like big stuffed animals. Great Danes are easy to love because they are kind and good with kids. Great Danes can weigh up to 175 pounds (79 kg) as adults. They can also grow up to 81 centimeters (32 inches) tall! People who don’t know much about Great Danes might be surprised to learn that other dog breeds may think their size is too big.

These doggos are much bigger than most other dogs, which may be one reason why they are so active. So, they need to do a lot of physical activity to use up all the energy they have. Because of this, they have a childlike sense of playfulness, and their antics will keep you amused. Bill Lambert, who is the Head of Health and Welfare at The Kennel Club, talked about the basics that people who want to adopt a Great Dane need to know first. You can learn more about these tips by scrolling down, where you’ll also find pictures of giant Great Danes that show they are still puppies at heart:


7 Weeks vs. 17 Weeks


River Looking Festive


Your Dane can bring you the ball, right? That is so cute!


All of these Danes are going pooping at the same time.


A Great Dane should get more than two hours of exercise every day. This time frame could change, though, based on how old they are. You shouldn’t put too much stress on a young puppy or an older dog by giving them that much to do. Because of how big they are, you will need a lot of room for them to run around and play. “Great Danes have a friendly and outgoing temperament and are sometimes referred to as gentle giants. With that in mind, they are best suited to owners who have a larger house and garden in order to provide them with enough space for both exercise, mental stimulation and to express themselves,” Lambert from The Kennel Club explained.

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These are the creatures that get to ride on the golf cart.


My dog acts like a lap dog when my grandmother comes to visit.


Meet Shadow. The lap dog!


Jones wants to be a window cleaner when he grows up more than anything else.


My daughter stayed home once when she was sick. When I tried to sneak a peek into her room, I saw the following:


Great Danes can only be taken care of by people who have had dogs before. It will cost you a lot of money to take care of them, and it will take a lot of time to groom them. “They need more food and more space, and you may need to adapt your home, ensuring your dog can’t reach things which a smaller dog wouldn’t be able to,” Lambert said. “Training is essential with any dog, but especially with such a large breed it’s crucial that owners are able to exert control so that they can handle their dog more easily and understand their dog’s behavior.”


Anyone, No?


This six-foot-tall Great Dane named Presley is also called Scooby-Doo because he is afraid of everything, including small dogs, plastic bags, and vacuum cleaners.


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“I Made A New Friend, Please Can I Keep Him?”


The Park Broke My Dog


My sister just sent me a picture of her Great Dane and a new puppy that they got together. Look at it.


She kept breathing this way through the tube for well over a minute after I gave it to her as a roll of toilet paper to play with.


Someone who wants to adopt a dog should do a lot of research on the different breeds of dogs that are available. Learn how they act, what they are like, and what they need to live a good life. When you adopt a dog, which is a huge responsibility, you must have all of these things, even though it might seem like a lot at first. “We’d recommend potential Great Dane owners speak to their vet and a Great Dane breed club for tips and advice relevant to the breed,” Lambert explained.


Even if they were lap dogs once, they will always be one.


She loves the blower a lot.


Our flight today has just gotten more interesting.


There is a face-to-face meeting between Big House Cow and Little House Cow.

“Teddy Flood is a Great Dane and little Speckle is some sort of beagle mix. He was a foster pup, 7 weeks at the time.”


The One-Year Difference of My Great Dane Puppy


A neighbor who lives close by sent me this cute video of our dogs having so much fun together. They finally got him a step stool so he could greet his big friend properly.


Great Danes are also sometimes called German Mastiffs or Deutsche Dogges. About 400 years ago, Great Danes were used to hunt deer and wild boars in Germany. During the breeding process, English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds were bred together to make them. In their long history, they have also been known by many different names. They were also called “Englische Dockes,” which shows that they were from England in some way. But as time went on and tensions between Germany and England grew, the breed became known as Great Danes.

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My Aunt’s crazy Great Dane is called Louis.


Biggest Scaredy Cat In The World


My sister is driving the 10 hours back to our house with the new Great Dane puppy she just got.


If you hadn’t noticed already, this type of dog is very popular in today’s culture. When they were younger, Scooby-Doo and Marmaduke were both Great Danes. Because of this, they were important parts of each of our childhoods. Great Danes need high-quality food to stay healthy and continue to grow and develop in the right way. Even though Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are trying to get away from ghosts, I can’t imagine Shaggy just picking up Scooby-Doo. I would pass out right away at that moment.


Lincoln The Dane


When Boomie Bear first met his new neighbor.


He won’t stop growing; please send help!


The ears of this other dog were very big.


Little person, it’s time for a nap. Quit Wiggling!


Lola is 6 feet and 2 inches long, but of all the giants, she is the kindest.


Have you ever had a Great Dane at your house? What do you think of them as a person? Would you recommend a Great Dane as a pet to someone? Do they really act like giants who are kind? Please share your story in the section below for comments.