We are stuck in this pandemic and it seems like nothing is going to get back to normal any time sooner. People are losing their jobs, they are away from their loved ones, and everyone is sad. It feels like there’s too much to process and our brain has stopped working. But there is one thing that can save the world. It’s the dogs. Yes, you have read it right!

The super cute dogs are here to cheer you up so that you don’t hit your low days at least today (because they love you so much). To fill your day with love and laughter, we have compiled 40 great pictures of shamelessly funny doggos who will make you smile. 

We have also spoken to Kimberly Freeman. He is a professional trainer and the founder of City Dog Expert. He told us about the things that we can learn from these cuties. Scroll down to see the cute pictures of fluffy and adorable doggos. 

#1 Hina Is Doing This On Purpose… Just Trying To Cheer You All Up!

#2 My Dog Is 16, So I Figured It’s Time For Some Driving Lessons

#3 This Is Billie. She Never Understood Why I Had A Set Of Keys To Bring In The Car And She Didn’t. I Got Her A Set Of Her Own And Now She Insists On Bringing Them Anytime We Go For A Drive!

Kimberly Freeman said that although we all are so frustrated as we are locked inside the house, we can learn so many things from dogs. These furry angels teach how to stay always cute and happy no matter what. 

The professional dog trainer suggested “To look out of the window and admire the beauty around us (or the neighbor’s cat). To be excited when the postman delivers something new (especially a new purchase). To relax and be content with our own company and the company of those around us.”

Most importantly, we can see how dogs let go and do not hold anger or resentment. Our four-legged friends teach us “to forgive when you truly are sorry (just like that time you accidentally stood on your pup’s tail).”

#4 Waldo

#5 The Perfect Spot

#6 That’s A Lotta Derps

Kimberly believes that “as a pet owner in charge of another living being, we also learn to let go and go with the flow a lot more.” The pro dog trainer doesn’t say it’s always easy, though. “Shit happens (literally) and no matter how well-behaved our dogs are, we cannot control every element of their actions.”

But remember that “sometimes the most surprising things our dogs do bring us the most unexpected joy.” Kimberly gave an example of “non-dog owners having no idea how hysterical a dog snore or a snaggle tooth can be.”

#7 The Perfect Tattoo Doesn’t Exi…

#8 Double Boop

#9 And With The Melting Snow, The Mystery Of The Missing Socks Was Solved

In short, having a dog is best as your furry friend would never let you feel alone. “It’s scientifically proven that dogs relax us and bring down blood pressure and elevated stress rates of those they are around,” Kimberly told us.

#10 His Royal Woofness

#11 Still Fits!

#12 My 15-Year-Old Chihuahua Has Very Sensitive Eyes Due To Iris Atrophy. Here She Is In Her “Doggles.” I Smile At This Photo On An Hourly Basis. Hope It Has The Same Effect For Others.

#13 Just Want To Apologize To Any Of Our Neighbors Who Are Missing A Full Rack Of Ribs. Our Dog Escaped Through The Fence And Came Back An Hour Later With This

#14 Attack Dog

#15 What? You’re Not Going To Include Me?

#16 Same Same

#17 Doga

#18 My Friend Made Holes In His Gate So Gus The Labrador Can See And Sniff

#19 Just Taking A Nap After Eating All The Strawberry Jam

#20 My Dog Stole The Head Of A Dish Brush

#21 I’m A Monsterr!!!!

#22 Just Act Natural

#23 My Pup A Year Ago

#24 When You Didn’t Expect Your Owner To Come Right Back Cause They Forgot Something

#25 This Is My New Dad?

#26 It Fits

#27 My Dog Showing My Girlfriend That I’m His…

#28 Uh-Oh

#29 I Am Batman

#30 My New Fur Scarf, Isn’t It Fabulous?!?!

#31 Doggo Hat

#32 Every Time I Call Williams Name

#33 When You Hear The Dog Park Is Closed

#34 This Rottweiler Is A Real Special One

#35 Quack

#36 Dog Looks Like It Could Be A Crash Bandicoot Villain

#37 Cheez-Wiz

#38 Poor Coin Slot Pupper

#39 Uhhh… I Don’t Think That’s How You Do That

#40 Husky Encounters The Wind