If you only had one chance. To get everything you wanted. In a single moment. Would you take it? Or just let it slip.

The subreddit r/TheyKnew is a place that honors those who do. The 407K members collect and share pictures of the times people did things but did it anyway.

Check out some of the ballsiest moves these heroes pulled off.

1. Couldn’t have been a coincidence.


2. Kevin’s parents.


3. Thought it would be a great idea to buy 5000 ‘Bone Shape’ paper clips for our veterinary clinic.


4. This employee got a good sense of humor.


5. They definitely knew!


6. Did H&M really think this through?


7. Lord Jesus is watching.


8. Very nice Cock.




10. That sounds like some party.


11. Valentine’s Day combo.


12. Dad knew for sure.


13. Nice placing!


14. My grandma wanted me to help her sell these knitted hand huggers online.


15. How could you not know?!


16. How did it even get to this?


17. One of the most honest warnings out there.


17. The author must be having a laugh.


18. Super Fountain.


19. Really came through.


20. Might as well put a wink emoji.


21. This tissue box though.


22. Take my money!


23. Government Ad In Brussels Airport


24. Let’s Not Forget the Robot That Drew the First D Pic On Another Planet


25. IKEA knows it!


26. From Florida with love.


27. Modelling in Cycle clothes be like.


28. The all-new natural propulsion system.


29. At least they’re upfront about it.


30. Yes! Anywhere!


31. Bet she knew about it.


32. Someone definitely snuck this through.


33. The ad placement though.


34. Please let me see it, baby.


35. Kudos to the management.