Nothing feels more terrible than getting betrayed by the one whom we trust the most.

Cat Fact: Even they feel betrayed when their humans lure them into going to the vet. More than taking a bath, cats hate going to the vet.

Scroll down to see how these 35 cats felt when they realized they have been betrayed.

Good hiding spot, Kitty.

Aww, poor guy.

That is one unreachable cat.

It looks like they tricked her into going to the vet. The look on her face after seeing the veterinarian.

Beware of the wrath of this cat.

She is plotting to get back at her owners for doing this.

A game of hide-and-seek to pass the time.

Where is the cat? No, I can not see her.

Kirby cries tears of joy after leaving the vet’s clinic.

She looks chill.

This is the only time she probably sat in that carrier willingly.

Oh, he is not pleased with all.

He would rather stay inside.

That annoyed face is so hilarious.


He looks like he is done with his life.

I should hide behind this wire so no one can find me.


He looks so uncomfortable.

I love me some head rubs.

Oh God, she is so cute!

I need more milk! Give me milk!

This cat stays quiet as long as he is in the cage.

She is desperately trying to find a hiding spot.

No one can find me in this spot.

Told you, cats are unapproachable.

He looks like he just saw a ghost.

Oh, you better run. This cat is seeing red.

A nap better save me from going to the vet.

Please, do not make me come out.

This cat is actually waiting for the vet. I am shocked.

I am invisible now.

No, I am angry. Do not talk to me.

To feel the sink, you have to be the sink.