When you’re a kid and a teenager, the idea of adulthood can seem like a promise of a brand new world full of exciting opportunities. You finally get your freedom, there’s no one to tell you what to do, you can live your life as you please, and you finally have the freedom to sleep whenever you please.

The AskReddit thread with over 74k upvotes is proof that stuff gets a little more complicated once adulthood arrives.

The thread was started by the user who asked fellow community members “What is something that sucks about being an adult that most teenagers don’t realize?”


1. Watching your parents get old.


2. Planning dinner every night.


3. Doing adult things as you adult.


4. You can do whatever you want, but most of the time you have commitments that prevent you from doing it.


5. Your body getting old, as you age.


6. Being lonely.


7. Always sorting/cleaning the kitchen.


8. You come home from work and you’re tired and if you don’t feel like making dinner, then you’re not eating dinner.


9. You lose time because of the repetition. Having the same job, workout regimen, the schedule makes days blend into one another.


10. Doing laundry.


11. Ordering food is expensive and your parents didn’t lie about it.


12. Not enough time for the things you want to do.


13. A $1000 paycheck is not as exciting as an adult.


14. Grocery shopping.


15. You can’t explain cliches to younger people because they haven’t lived that life experience yet.


16. People expect you to know what you’re doing.


17. Having no idea what you talked about when you were a teenager.


18. Doing chores in your free time.


19. It is important to have dental care. If you let your teeth degrade, it will cost you a lot.


20. It’s a real problem if you don’t know your age.


21. The rent is the same, even though February is the shortest month.


22. You know what you would do when you were on your own. They cost money and you have to work for them.


23. The importance and scarcity of time.


24. The adult acne that won’t go away magically.


25. Bodies breaking down and causing pain.


26. You need to be mentally prepared for unexpected events in life.


27. Slowing down of your metabolism.


28. The never-ending bills.


29. Moving on from high school friendships fading.


30. Money losing very quickly.


31. There’s a possibility of being homeless.


32. Being lucky for the close friends you have.


33. You can’t quit your job just because don’t like it.


34. Coming home from work, but still working from home.


35. You will be held accountable. No excuses, no blame.