Men have a hard time giving themselves a pat on the back. Not because their big muscles can’t reach behind them. We appreciate what they have achieved.

There is a need for a change and that is why “Dudes Posting Their W’s” is here to show us how. The feeling of accomplishment should be shared with the world. The feeling makes others feel warm and fuzzy.


1. This plan seems good.


2. One of the best awards one could get.


3. The smile on her face though.


4. This is brilliant!


5. Just priceless.


6. All these men are just amazing!


7. That’s some determination.


8. Every adult needs to do something that makes them feel like a child again.


9. That’s just awesome!



10. So true, sad, and wrong.


11. Kids are awesome indeed.


12. The power of the good vibes right there.


13. A true hero!


14. Goodest of the boys!


15. Hope Karma dealt with that thief.


16. This is truly an art.


17. Well done indeed.


18. Just wholesome.


19. Talking about achievements.


20. He’s still making a dad joke.


21. Gotta earn those perks, however.


22. Looks really dope!


23. Such a lovely man!


24. Cancer is canceled.


25. A drive for a drive.


26. His face is pure joy.


27. The feels when you get a new car.


28. Tears. Lots of tears.


29. Good save right there.


30. His videos are nice indeed.