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1. Danny Devito.


2. A muffin for your birthday.


3. The only that’s nice to the guy.


4. A male knitter.


5. A nice tribute to Kendrick Castillo.


6. A very kind gesture.


7. This is a real-life fairytale.


8. A lovely mini-concert.


9. Professional photos indeed.


10. Reserved only for this bike.


11. Humans of New York.


12. No need to quench drama.


13. In his free time…


14. A loving gesture indeed.


15. She’s a keeper indeed.


16. A very great challenge!


17. Just some elder brother love.


18. What an amazing son.


19. Funny college professors.


20. Weather app deleted right away!


21. Need that rubby for the tummy.


22. “You are handsome!”


23. Gotta love moms.


24. “Dee, where’s your man?”


25. Way to go!


26. Everyone is hereby invited.


27. This grandpa wants to relate.


28. A hardworking teacher must be appreciated.


29. This girl needs friends.


30. Just a simple life lesson.