A question for you. Do they prove that taste is subjective if someone enjoys a meal that everyone else hates? Or do they go for the opposite and show that it exists? Hold on to your initial answer until you finish scrolling through the list. It might change.

You have to scroll down and check it out for yourself. Of course, if you have the guts. Gordon Ramsay would probably stab these “chefs” with a fork.


1. This actually seems like it might be nice.


2. This looks quite delicious.


3. Feta can fit anything.


4. Doesn’t sound that bad.


5. This sounds like heaven?


6. Looks healthy!


7. This one might be worth a try.


8. Just imagine you’re eating salad.


9. This looks delicious!


10. Beyond disgusting.


11. That’s wrong.


12. Not a bad combo.


13. It actually looks kinda good.


14. Pretty much just beef tartare.


15. Just an end-of-the-month meal. And a pretty well-done one!




17. It’s a southern thing in the U.S.


18. That looks like a puke popsicle.


19. Ketchup is underrated!


20. Actually that might be worth a try.


21. Not all fusion is good fusion.


22. This actually looks pretty tasty.


23. Looks like a glass of vomit.


24. Is this a state fair thing?


25. So many things wrong with this meal.


26. Sweet alcohol with a side of fart.


27. This one isn’t bad at all.


28. No, no no no, definitely no!


29. Hysterical! And honest.


30. Looks like a baby threw up on the pizza.