Think again if you believe that nature consists of butterflies and rainbows. There is no denying the beauty of nature. But it also has a creepy side. We’ve primarily highlighted the wonders and beauties of nature, but we hardly ever show the weirder side of things. We warmly invite you to the dark side as we introduce you to some of nature’s most unsettling creatures. Nature occasionally manages to frighten us with her ominous offspring. And we just know it’s over when nature unleashes her spine-tingling creepers because there’s no way we could win against them. The most horrifying and terrifying monsters ever discovered have been gathered together.

Do you have the guts to read this article all the way through? Ideally, you can. Now prepare to cringe when you see these terrifying monsters, which are the stuff of nightmares.

“What Do You Do When You See A Flying Fox In Your Backyard?” (Philippines)

This Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Dresser In Months

Crazy Bird Tornado

Toads Riding On A Python

Birds Using A Dead Pike’s Mouth To Nest

A Bee Colony Colonizing A Bike Seat

“There Was A Friggin Gecko Hiding In My Son’s Toy Spider”


This Texas Town Has A Bird Problem


Lizard Shed His Entire Face In One Go

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Lizard Shed His Entire Face In One Go

Armed Anemone Found On The Beach

A Dog Looks Upon A Frozen Corpse Of A Fox That Previously Fell Into The Freezing Water And Drowned

A Deep-Sea Squid Was Video Taped By Shell Out In The Perdido Area Of Alaminos Canyon, At 7800 Feet Depth

Spiders Cocooned These Trees To Save Themselves From A Flood

“Found A Beehive While Renovating An Old House”

A Hedgehog Skeleton

Snaggle-Toothed Snake Eel Found On The Beach In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Frog With Eyes In Its Mouth As A Result Of Macromutation

You Can See The Back Of An Owl’s Eye Through Its Ear

Lactarius Rubidius Sprouting Out Of Fox Skull

This Spider Web Looks Like Spider-Man’s Mask

Snake Was Electrocuted Then Bitten By Another Snake, Which Was Also Electrocuted

Someone Bugged His Phone

Just Going To Run

Hydnora Africana – An Underground Plant

“Something is growing inside a bottle of natural orange juice that was abandoned inside a cabinet for over a year”

Giant Locusts Feasting On A Small Snake

“Weird mold growing out of cat food left in an empty room for 10 days”


The Assassin Bug