There’s an old Internet proverb that goes, “Think before you post. Or, tweet. Or, respond.” These individuals you are about to see… did not do that.   On the bright side, their blunders have produced some hilarious and cringeworthy moments that we couldn’t help but capture for the sake of entertainment.


1. Telling A ‘Batman’ Comic Book Writer That He Knows Nothing About Batman

2. Someone Didn’t Think She Was A Doctor Because She Was A Woman

3. Man Claims To Be Waiting For Regional Reports Manager, Other Woman In The Room Is The Regional Reports Manager

4. Actor From ‘Ted Lasso’ Has An Identity Crisis

5. Pirating A Book And Tagging The Author Of It On Twitter

6. Man Accused Of Not Reading His Own Work

7. Twitter User Claims To Work With Research Center But Can’t Back It Up

8. Arguing With A Professional Chef About Food

9. Joel Sherman Is A Well-Known Scrabble Expert

10. Telling Someone That They Should Start A Mac Software Company When They Already Have One

11. Mindy Kaling Calls Out Ignorant Hater

12. Director Of The New Britney Spears Documentary Is Accused Of Knowing Nothing About Documentaries

13. Wholesome Moment Of “Like Father, Like Son”

14. Telling A Professional Pokémon Gamer That He Isn’t A Professional

15. User Asks Person About A Specific Game Mechanic, That Person Wrote The Code For The Game

16. Writer Talks About His Book To The Wrong Person

17. eSports Champion Is Accused Of Knowing Very Little About eSports

18. YouTuber And Voice Actor Is Told To Do Voice Acting