Cats are everywhere.

You might not find a dog in the rarest places, but you will see cats wandering around anywhere. They would climb heights and hide in the most unexpected places. So, next time when you go somewhere and have the least amount of home to find animals, you will meet a cat just like some people did and shared these photos.

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#1 Is that a really small village or a really big cat?

#2 When you are patiently waiting for your food.

#3 Hopefully, she doesn’t eat the chickens.

#4 This is definitely a surprise but a good one.

#5 This plant doesn’t need any water and may become poisonous if watered.

#6 This floof is staring daggers at every passerby.

#7 This is truly beautiful!

#8 Whene everyone else is a peasant.

#9 This is a guard cat sworn to protect everyone.

#10 This chucky cat is not obscuring the view, he is the view.

#11 This is one extra springy kitty.

#12 She only wants more head scritches.

#13 ‘You dare look at me hooman!’

#14 When you drink too much.

#15 I wonder what this kitty has seen.

#16 I am amazed by the fluffiness of this cat.

#17 ‘Can you give me belly rubs?’

#18 He is thankful to the hoomans saving his life.

#19 ‘I have leaf art if you have the coin.’

#20 ‘You shall not pass!’

#21 A big blep to make your day.

#22 ‘Where do you think you are going, hooman?’

#23 She looks like two cats combined into one.

#24 ‘Can you please get me out?’ – A random cat in a predicament.

#25 This is why I want a catzilla movie.

#26 ‘I am looking for headpats.’

#27 This is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.

#28 The blue scarf was made for the kitty.

#29 ‘If you are not going to buy anything, Get out.’

#30 I might be having a heart attack from cuteness overload.