Yes, we all make poor life decisions and get pretty upset about it but at least our decisions are not as bad and hilarious as that of a dog’s. Also, because of their naughty behavior, dogs get themselves into huge trouble. And then they need our help to fix things. But whatever, we will save our furry friends no matter what because we love them the most. 

Whether a dog is laying on the rainbow chalk drawing or squeezing itself through the bottom of the fence, they are very hilarious. Besides this, there are many more things that dogs are doing and we can’t stop laughing. Also, a great applaud for the pet parents who have managed to click the picture at just the right time. You can just scroll down to see how goofy dogs are.

1. Neighbors Got A New Dog. He Seems To Really Love My Pug

2. She Chose The Wrong Place To Take A Nap

3. I Immediately Regret This Decision

4. I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake

5. Shiba Inu Gets Stuck In Bush

6. Went To Pick Up Dog From Kennel And Found Her Like This

7. Oh, Look, A Quarter

8. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

9. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

10. Get A Border Collie They Said, They’re One Of The Smartest Breeds They Said

11. My Dog Was Very Distressed About This

12. I Would Like To Show You The Exact Moment My Dog Decided He Was Done Playing Catch The Frisbee

13. Maxie Relaxing In A Hammock

14. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

15. Pug Stuff Toilet

16. My Friend’s Dog Ate A Be

17. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

18. I Have Made A Huge Mistake

19. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

20. Come To The Park They Said, We’ll Have A Friendly Game Of Fetch They Said

21. My Dog Got Stuck In The Sofa Cover

22. My Dog Managed To Get Herself Stuck In The Sleeve Of My Sweater

23. This Poor Guy Needs Help I Think

24. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

25. This Is How My Dog Says Goodbye

26. The Derpiness Starts Early

27. This Is Fred. Fred Loves The Frisbee

28. Heard Her Whining And Turned Around To Find This. She Got Stuck

29. I’ll Just Sit Here And Wait For Them To Stop Laughing And Help Me Out

30. Golden Retriever Regrets This Decision