Have you ever heard of the famous saying “your cat isn’t a cat if it isn’t weird?”

Cats are known for their weird habits and you would know it all if you are a cat owner. However, if you haven’t experienced living with a cat, you will find this post interesting. Have you ever seen a cat sitting on their but just like we humans do? Don’t be surprised because this is how cats are. You will find them doing such weird stuff very often. So, don’t resist yourself and scroll down to check out these funny cat poses.

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1. “What did you call me?”

2. How does your back not hurt? Seriously!

3. “Cause I’m sexy and I know it!”

4. “My Fiance had a necklace made for me of my cat’s signature pose”

5. “What? I’m just chilling like you do, in the tub!”

6. Look at this adorable fellow!

7. Okay… why is this cat being all seductive in the first picture?

8. Someone’s angry!

9. OMG the second picture is just way too hilarious!

10. “Draw me like one of your french girls”

11. “I’m tired of walking”

12. “Too fat to move”

13. Chillin’ in the sun!

14. This one is a skater boy

15. Preparing for a wrestling match

16. “What? My leg got tired, hooman!”

17. “Really, hooman? You are taking weird pictures of me again?”

18. “I’ve been waiting for so long!”

19. “Waddup, homie? You got a smoke for me?”

20. Those ears and that outfit is on point!

21. This cat is a future-teller!

22. “What did you call me?”

23. Not happy to pose.

24. “Take a candid picture of me, hooman”

25. “Psst hooman, can you sit like this?”

26. What a fluffy kitty!

27. Before: “I am tired of sleeping! Not gonna do it again”

After: “Ah, never mind.”

28. Okay, that is NOT a cat! So weird!

29. “Something wrong with my tail?”

30. “Move aside, I’m watching a movie!”