Moroccan artist based in Germany Mohamed El Mayati started VeryCereal, the online comics in 2019. The comics are full of twists and dark humour that is loved by his audience.

Recently, we interviewed the artist and he shared with us that this art was not there in his family. It became a part of his life in the past decade.

“I think about it daily, like I did about this crush I had in second grade. Usually, I was the one that was the worst at drawing,” said the artist.

He also shared a fun fact that he had to retake 6th grade because of scoring low marks in art. He further told us, “I started to learn some card tricks, learned pen spinning, and how to solve a Rubik’s cube, and stuff like that to an amateurish but still satisfying extent until at some point, I really wanted to learn to draw,” explained the artist. “There was no particular reason other than to master that skill. So like every kid that wanted to learn to draw, I looked up anime tutorials on YouTube and went from there.”