If you take photographs just for fun and to preserve memories, your photo collection would include so many different places. Some photographers only like shooting sunsets or people. Others specialize in nature photography.

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The Russian photographer Fyodov Savintsev has a particular interest in photography. His photos of old dachas in the rural areas of Russia have amassed 122k followers.


1. Do Hobbits live in this one?


2. Rustic vibes.


3. That’s some serious camouflage.


4. Does this house belong to the Addams family?


5. That glasswork though.


6. Looks like a Gypsy caravan.


7. Log cabin on steroids.


8. Does Casper live in the attic?


9. Hard to think of these as “cottages”.


10. It looks like the Weasley should be living here.


11. It’s pretty guarded.


12. Very well kept up.


13. Looks like a house wearing a hat.


14. The owner seems more fond of wood than painting.


15. What’s with the windows falling out?


16. When you can’t decide between cottage, schoolhouse, gazebo, and chapel.


17. That cabinet is amazing though.


18. This lacey house is really fabulous!


19. It looks like the house grew its own roof.


20. Nice funhouse.


21. Very yellow.


22. The porch stairs are adorable.


23. Wowie zowie!


24. The fretwork is amazing.


25. Bet this was amazing in its heyday.


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26. There must be a drawbridge somewhere.


27. Seems kind of abandoned. Cool though.


28. Another sadly allowed to go to ruin.


29. So they were expecting the snow.


30. A house with the largest jacuzzi ever?