There are indeed many things that can make us laugh. Some word plays that are silly, people falling, or something totally random. Sometimes we laugh hard at things more than required. David Contra is an artist who makes comics that are completely concerned with the shtick.

Contra said about his comic project that it’s not something he’s been doing it long. Probably 6 weeks since he decided to give it a shot. He came back from a trip in Western Oz and then Sydney had gone into lockdown. So he needed a project. He has two friends who have been hassling him for a while to do something like this, so since he had all this lockdown time, he thought that he might as well.

1. Imagine this in Kermi’s voice.


2. Careful what you wish for!


3. George actually fell for it.


4. Having a spiritual goal be like.


5. Imagine killings being virtual.


6. This seems fun.


7. Karma in a nutshell.


8. “If I go down, you’re coming with me.”


9. Must’ve been high when this one was made.


10. His friend be like: “Seriously?”


11. ‘L’ yeah!


12. S.K.B. (Suicide Koala Bomber)


13. Is this reincarnation?


14. What is even this dark twist?


15. Scarred for life after watching this.


16. It seems this frog needs a tiny cane to hold.


17. Is this is cannon testing?


18. It sure hurt a lot of people.


19. Welcome to the “other side”.


20. Seemed like a tub full of Hydrochloric acid.


21. “K. Bye.”


22. The spontaniety of this one though.


23. “My ears are bleeding” in a picture.


24. The right balance.


25. Some next level stuff.


26. A dimension in a fish tank.


27. This is sad…


28. A unique hat indeed… wait, what?


29. Interesting plot.