Let’s talk about cats, an animal that we all adore and have for centuries. They combine all the positive qualities into one. These animals are adorable, perceptive, compassionate, inquisitive, silly, and, of course, moody. They are extremely photogenic, or at least some of them are, which is the most important thing (when they want to be).

They are constantly moving, making it impossible to get a still photo of them. For maybe 3 to 4 seconds, you might be able to get their attention, but that’s about it. Forget about them remaining still from that point forward as soon as they notice something, even if it’s as small as a fly. You must be thinking that making a video would be the best course of action. Hold that thought, though, because we have the answer for you!

Cat behaviourist Ingrid Johnson asserts that if you photograph cats in their natural habitat, where they are most at ease, you can actually capture some excellent shots of them. She clarified in a conversation, “Taking cats out of their home for a photo shoot is often where things go awry. Use natural light and play with them to encourage them to look confident and alert.” So much for our idea to take our cat to the beach for a lovely photo shoot!

Continue reading Ingrid’s interview to see if we can find any advice that will be helpful. Don’t forget to take in some hilarious AF cat posts, of course!


Really, 4 versus 1? The true alpha cat must be this one.

“The dogs know who rules the House… its the kid with the knives for fingers..” – Krazy Kanuck


Did you just attempt to snatch my food away, human?

Return it to my line of sight!


We are interested in learning the details of what transpired.

“There’s a story behind this picture.” – Cecilia Herrera


This cat made a mistake just at that precise moment…

However, this one at least got to keep the egg. No remorse!


Unlike us, this cat uses art instead of a phone! Definitely very sophisticated.

“I see that the cat is an art connaisseur. This is very cute.” – Raine Soo


I’m not sure if that’s your best vantage point.

“BUTT Zoomies” – Krazy Kanuck


Find the furious cat.

Is it just me, or does it still look adorable as ever? Oh, dear, who assaulted you?


They must be aware of who the actual queen is! It is I! The powerful cat.

“We will bow down to you, our feline overlord.” – Raine Soo


Fits together like a puzzle piece.

You moved the chair, and this cat is upset about it. RETAIN IT!


Most likely a gangster or drug lord reincarnated as a cat.

There isn’t a better justification!

Ingrid also suggested the following additional tips for photographing your cat well:

“Also use toys to get them to look in the direction you want! You can shake treats, click, make some sort of sound to get them to look at the camera. As far as keeping them calm, again, it’s about working with what they are naturally giving you rather than trying to force something … The answer is highly variable based on the cat, how well socialized to people they are, their experiences and bond with their human(s), etc. For some cats, they cannot get enough, for others, they approach and engage on their terms. Most cats prefer to control the interactions. Playing ‘hard to get’ is going to welcome the cat to approach you for affection. Cats have little interest in the human that wants to pick them up and smoother them with affection.”


This cat should still be in a horror film despite how adorable it is!

“Look at those eyes! This is a Halloween kitty.” – Raine Soo


Human, you’re mistaken.

This was not my doing. I’m not guilty.


This cat cat-haired rather than cat-fishing!

“That look on his face. It’s as if he’s wondering how that kitty is going to get down without scratching his scalp off.” – Cecilia Herrera


What’s depicted as “sun-kissed” is actually true!

“Our fur babies always look like angels when they’re sleeping. This one even showed you her halo.” – Cecilia Herrera


This cat most likely believed that “the world needs more of me,” In fact, we concur!

“Beats the heck out of the butt pictures from the office party.” – Kathryn Baylis


Here is a brand-new kind of flower.


Oh, dear! She almost captured a lovely image!

Hey, at least this one is smiling, so it’s not all bad!


Move around as if you own the place.

Ensuring that everything and everyone is situated as it should be


NOO! How could you leave me, hooman?!

Who will provide me food?


Everything can be changed.

…by the cat.


She also discussed the need for humans to accept and value cats more for who they are as individuals. We shouldn’t expect them to be, and they most definitely won’t be, perfect pets.

Ingrid has also educated us on the importance of spending at least 20 minutes a day with your cat, regardless of breed. Additionally, keep an eye out for any signals your cat may give you if it is begging for attention. These behaviors could include trying to annoy you, jumping on your lap, following you around, or getting in your way while you’re trying to do something.



We must honor that person!


Why am I in this situation?

Oh my God, how do I escape?


Raising the concept of “if I fits, I sits” to a new level!

I’ll never comprehend how they can feel at ease in such strange places.


Alright, but how and why?


Like mother, Like daughter.


I suppose today has taught us all something: to let cats be cats. Obviously not a pun! I’ll undoubtedly test out Ingrid Johnson’s fresh advice to see if it works. If you have any secrets up your sleeve in the interim, please share them with us in the comments section below! Don’t forget to include the image of your favorite cat.