Dogs are everything that we need to make our lives pawfect but they are also weird. Hey, c’mon don’t knit your eyebrows, you know what we are talking about. Wait, you don’t think that dogs are weird. Woah! Maybe you should spend some more time with your furry friend. 

Surely dogs are weird but we love them the most. And why not? After all, these cuties make our day a little better with their hilarious and crazy antics. Scroll down to see these sillies who are ready to make you smile. 

 Smile for the camera.

Silently watching.

She’s just looking at you with love in her eyes.

There isn’t always an explanation for their behavior.

Call me Thor.

Comfiest place in the world.

It is an obligation.

Birthday happiness.

This flower seems delicious.

Just as weird as his siblings.

Hey there. Are you new here?

Playing hide and seek.

Fun pool party.

“He’s mine now.”

Can I watch you poop?

To balance the glass, you must become the glass.

They might cause chaos in the house though.

She definitely ate part of the mushroom.

He has accepted defeat.

Well, that’s one way to get attention.

Slow-motion funny doggo.


Someone seems confused.

So wholesome.