23 Funniest Photos That Prove Dogs Have Their Own Kind Of Logic

We see many times that our little dogs pretend to be intelligent in several situations. But it proves to be adverse in some cases. Many doggos have their certain rules and they enjoy living with that. And if we try to find the hidden logic behind their rules, we come to know about some shocking facts. Usually, people think that nursing a dog just means to feed them, care for them, and go out with them on a walk.

Dog owners spend plenty of time with their doggos. They also love to capture their furry friends when they show some weird moves. From doing a pole dance to asserting dominance over other dogs, our little canines are always ready to stand out. These doggos will make you believe that they are different from most of their compatriots. So scroll down and have fun.

1. Why should humans have all the fun? Dogs, too love pole dance.


2. He wants to keep his belongings safe and secure

this dogs just wants to keep secure what he has

3. The little doggo finds the missing thing in the painting!

dogs finds something missing the painting.

4. It’s hide and seek time!

dogs loves to hide and he gets a place to go

5. These dogs are busy creating new games to play!

dogs gets something strange to play.

6. Where are my dogs? I miss them!

dogs are missing his friends very much

7. Dogs prove to be good actors as well!

Who says dogs are not a good actor

8. She doesn’t share her food.

dogs share her food

9. The little diplomat knows how to manipulate you!

dogs know how to manipulate you

10. Why should girls do all the fashion?

for dogs only fashion matters

11. Mornings like these will make your day!

dogs are here to say 'Good Morning'

12. Why have a bedroom, if you can sleep anywhere?

No bedroom is required for sleeping dogs

13. She is caught red-handed

dogs are caught red-handed

14. I have my lunch all alone!

dogs to do lunch separately

15. Someone tell him the correct angle, please!

dogs just tell him

16. This is not the exact place to do.

This is not an exact place to do

17. Mud bath in a puddle makes you cooler in the hot summer days!

A hot day is no hotter now

18. No sofa to sit, not a big issue! Dogs can have their own space!

No sofa to sit, not a big issue. He has his own

19. The dog too can make its own scarf!

He made his own scarf. 

20. He is angry with his little mate!

when you are angry with someone. 

21. When the whole road is yours. Dogs have their rights everywhere!

When the whole road is yours.  

22. Swinging in the garden. All dogs may join.

Swinging in the garden. all dogs Wanna join? 

23. He is the only mine. How funny the little dogs can be!

all dogs are mine






















Have you also such witnessed this madness of your little dogs? If you know or have experienced these, why don’t you let us know in the comments below?