Animals are far superior to humans in every way.

Who really needs humans? Human friends are unreliable and dishonest. They will eventually leave you, leaving you to wonder what went wrong on your own. When it comes to a human’s love, there are additional restrictions. Animals, however, are entirely different. Your life can drastically improve after you adopt a pet. Adopting a pet means committing to a lifelong best friend who will be there for you in good times and bad. They will always support you and show you their undying love.

More than you love them, your pet loves you. How am I able to say that so firmly? You see, you are surrounded by a lot of people. You have relatives, friends, coworkers, and neighbours. There are many sources of love and care. But all your pet has is you. You are their entire world and the only person who can love and care for them. If you’re still not convinced about how much animals adore their owners, scroll down to see 21 examples of animals being affectionate with their owners:


“One very cuddly iguana”

Iguanas don’t typically cuddle, so that person is very lucky.


“Look at her, she’s coming home with me!”

Find someone who can observe you with the same level of attentiveness as this cat does.


“It’s taken 3 weeks, but my cat has finally decided that our daughter is now part of the family.”

Wow, the cat appears to be larger than the child!


“My girlfriend takes pics of me sleeping. My dog doesn’t snuggle like this while I’m conscious.”

Preserving a priceless moment.


“Kahlua spent 9 months snuggling with my wife’s growing belly and she is now a proud guard dog!”

She was by your side the entire time.


“My dad died last June. His dog still waits for him every day in his truck.”

You are crying. Not me.


“The only boy who likes being around me this much”

“I’ll never let you go.”


“We adopted this cute boy and he’s been super shy. Today, for the first time, he plopped onto my lap and did this.”

It was totally worth the wait.


“My wife is 3 weeks away from giving birth and our cats love snuggling her belly.”

Eagerly anticipating their new sibling.


“My wife went to work for the first time in 3 months. No words are needed.”

When will my spouse arrive home from the war?


Aren’t these cute animals just making you cry? I wish someone would feel the same way about me. It is nothing short of a miracle to experience such unadulterated love. They don’t give a damn about what species or breed they are. They simply adore you and desire to be with you for the rest of their lives. I’m at a loss as to what else might qualify as true love.


“My puppy gets more and more protective of my wife during her pregnancy. He snuggles her any time she falls asleep!”

Before the baby is even born, love them.


“We adopted my cat almost 2 years ago and this is the first time she’s cuddling with us. So proud of her!”

After escaping my cage, I’ve been doing great.


“She saw me packing my army kit this morning. When she knows I’m going to be away for a while, she sits with me until I leave.”

To have to say goodbye to that cute thing must be so difficult.


“New snuggle buddy”

Why should dogs and cats receive more attention?


“This is how my wife and our cat sleep every night.”

Cat is better than having a husband. Hence, proved.


“I’m in danger of being nuzzled to death.”

The best course of action.


“My ducks, Mango and Django, refuse to sit elsewhere.”

Now I want a duck.


“One of our ducks rejected this duckling and it imprinted on me instead. It doesn’t let me out of its sight.”

It’s very… smol.


“I found her outside my house in spring. No one claimed her so she’s been my baby ever since.”

You are now my child.


“The cat is sleeping while my boyfriend plays.”

Oh, how sweetly she is hugging him!


“My dog Chase waits for my father to come home every day around 5:30 pm — he died last year from cancer.”

I’m not okay.


Did these animals make your day happier? Do you have a pet that consistently shows you love and affection? Tell us in the comments section below!