Have you ever read a tweet or post that seems to turn left out of nowhere? These comments and images are innocent enough at first, but then become strange… or even worse.


1. Cows having girl names.


2. Someone call a priest, please.


3. He’s had experience.


4. The last wishes.


5. Poor guy.


6. The person got roasted. Twice.


7. Very strong man.


8. “Lists are among the things I hate.”

9. Welp.


10. Was it the third one?


11. Sexism in America.


12. About right there.


13. Just a normal human household.


14. Just a quick question.


15. Setting up the bar.


16. Hang on a second…


17. Well, that escalated quickly.


18. “Hey, Florida and Tennessee? We have a few questions.”