Barking News: Pet parents if you are trying to set rules for your doggo, maybe he won’t follow them. It’s just that dogs like to do what’s on their mind. And sometimes all we can do is wonder where they are getting these weird ideas from? It’s simply because what they do is really hard to understand.

Like sometimes, they try to climb up a pole or try to be friends with bricks. Weird, right? Well, we also think the same. But guess what? This is not it because there are a lot more things that these furry friends are capable of doing. And we bet you would have imagined them. (They are so freaking smart.)

Scroll down to check out what these furry friends are up to this week. 

23. “I just caught my dog trying to climb up a pole.”

22. “My dog is holding a single piece of dry pasta between her paws and eating it.”

21. “He thinks this painting is a window.”

20. “My dog chewed a hole in my blanket and then did this.”

19. “My dog’s best friend is a brick.”

18. “He saw us feeding the ducks and pretended to be one.”

17. “My coworker’s dog got herself stuck underneath their shed.”

16. “Every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling, so we got her a chair to feel more included.”

15. “I can’t tell Tank ’no’ for anything in the world because then he does this and makes me feel like crap.”

14. “Your dog holds their frisbee one way…mine holds it the ’special’ way.”

13. “My dog just pushed the door open, winked at me, and left.”

12. “This is how my dogs sleep.”

11. “Reggie ran into the wall chasing his ball and he’s very proud of the dent he made.”

10. “I sent my dog outside as punishment for standing on the dining room table. This was his response.”

9. “My mom’s dog is watching me eat chips.”

8. “Even though he always has a fresh bowl of water, he sits there scratching the wall until I turn the water on so that he can drink it.”

7. “This is how my dog drinks water.”

6. When your dog has some dominance issues:

5. “My dog chewed a hole through a ball and then wore it as a headdress.”

4. “My dog is too lazy to stand guard outside the bathroom so he posts his favorite toy there instead.”

3. “My neighbors complained that it’s too cold for my dog to be outside all day during the winter. I sent them this.”

2. Apparently, she doesn’t know how to use her shade.

1. “This is how my dog begs for food.”