Three is crowd.

Isn’t that what people say? When discussing cats, however, that is not the case. I believe that in this case, the more, the merrier. If you own more than two cats, people may refer to you as a “crazy cat person,” but when you have an entire kingdom of cats at your disposal, who cares what others think? Not sure about you, but to me, that sounds like heaven. And it appears that a lot of people will concur with me on that.

The following people, who adopted multiple cats, at least prove it to be true. They made the best choice of their lives. The sound of cats meowing all around you may require you to clean up a lot more messes, but it is definitely worth it. By scrolling down, you can see the benefits of adopting more than one cat for yourself. Everything you need to decide is in these images.


“Did you not bring us meat?”

When I came back from getting some bags from the car, I discovered them. In search of meat, they tore the lettuce bag apart.


That moment when you’re caught red-handed.

They started to steal the tools as soon as my dad put them down for 30 seconds.


Probably inspecting the plumbing are these cats.


It is a sign of love when siblings are cruel to one another.


When is the release date for this album?

My cats appear to be posing for the front of an album. I thus created one for them.


Cats and Christmas trees don’t go together.


Do cats enjoy being pressed under shoes?

I’m so glad I lit the candles before descending the stairs.


Not everyone enjoys cuddling a lot.

The other cat in my household, a grey and white one named Pepper, is not a big fan of cuddling. The first man, however, didn’t give a damn.


Some cats simply won’t go away.


Two cats observing the setting sun? Adorable.


Having more than one cat at your house is a good idea. Because they will have a playmate, your cat will need less attention from you, and you will be far too busy to entertain any negative thoughts. This is a really good idea because pets can be a huge help with mental illness, as we all know.


The cat appears to be done with it all.

Everybody and everything, but especially her daughter—the one perched on top—is hated by our cat. Looking at her face makes me laugh until my abs hurt.


These kittens take great pride in their creations.


Sometimes cats don’t get along.


There is always one.


“Can you hurry up so we can eat?”

As I do the dishes, three kings and their princess are watching.


I can appreciate the desire to be near food.


The kitten at least enjoys being squeezed.


The cutest thing ever is watching cats play with one another.


She won’t allow anyone to play if she can’t win.


“What do you mean?!”

I’m attempting to explain to my cats that because they are lactose intolerant, they won’t be eating mac and cheese.


What number of cats do you own? Or do you believe that just one cat will suffice? Let us know in the comments section below.