If you’re on the internet, you should be used to dark humor at this point. r/HolUp has put together a list of the best memes that will satisfy any craving for a dark left turn.


1. That’s unlucky.


2. What…


3. “Thanks a lot mom!”


4. Absolute “bruh” moment.


5. Nailed it!


6. Most?


7. “Wait what…”


8. “Bad luck, Joseph.”


9. The actual Grey’s Anatomy.


10. *coworkers staring*


11. “Oooof”


12. Totally worth it!


13. “Son, I’m proud of you.”


14. Steel beams can be melted by jet fuel.


15. Hit right in the feels.


16. It cost… everything.


17. Hang on a sec…


18. Total drama queen.


19. “Uh oh…”


20. The fetus yeetus.