Parenting hacks

If you’re a parent, then we’re definitely sure that you’re looking for parenting hacks to make your life much easier. Everyone knows how tough parenting can be. Having kids is like a roller-coaster ride, full of ups and downs or some new twists.

There’s no one like a desperate parent who wants to come up with some smooth tricks. So we have come up with some easy and interesting parenting hacks which will be a game-changer or you people.

Scroll through the best parenting hacks.

1. Teach them time management by coloring their routine

2. Make your kids sit on an exercise ball while they work to increase their concentration and balance

3. Note your child’s hands, maybe they’re trying to say something

4. Use cardboard to turn your stairs into a slide and save them from getting hurt

5. Tie bathroom locks with a rubber band to prevent your child from getting lock inside

6. Make your child wear a baby mop

7. Use a shower cap to prevent your baby’s eyes from shampoo and water

8. Cut down a sticker then put one half on each side. This way they’ll know the correct shoe to put on.

9. Fix the ice-cream onto a plate so that they don’t spill it

10. Detangle the doll’s hair with water and fabric softener


11. Keep your toddler busy by letting them paint the fence with water.


12. Put your child in an empty box along with their creative skills

13. “No baby, it’s Pepsi, not medicine”

14. Keep your kids from fighting in the most creative way

15. Put a rice-filled glove on your baby’s back to make them loved when you’re too tired

16. Make a game out of household chores for your kids

17. Use a rope to help your kid swing while you enjoy sunbathing

18. Use a basket to make a sleigh to give your little ones a ride

19. Hang a roll of butcher paper to enjoy your child’s       masterpiece every day

20. Put a pool noodle around the edges of your door so that your kids’ little fingers don’t get slammed in a door